Get to know it! Feel it! Discuss it!

We would surely hate one another less and would be better at handling our prejudices and reflecting on our stereotypes if we had the chance to get to know the situation and challenges of the groups that become targets. However, beside objective information, personal encounters and stories are also of great importance. Everyone has questions, presuppositions, and some experience with members of different social groups. If we get the chance to discuss these with honesty and without taboos with those in question, if we can personally get to know members of groups that we otherwise only have superficial knowledge about, it becomes easier for us to understand and get closer to the other.

Good Practices and Project Stories

In the framework of the EEA NGO Programme numerous innovative practices countering hate have been realized in Hungary. Here we present some examples – practices and tools – which can be useful in preventing or reacting to hate speech and hate crime in different communities, fields and contexts. The summaries of the different practices are collected and organized according to the approaches they used. 

Results of the last action projects Selection Committee Meeting

Budapest, December 21st 2015. The 21st Selection Committee Meeting of the action projects call was held on the 21st December. 28 applications were discussed and 6 were supported. With this decision the funds available within the action projects call have been fully allocated.

Results of the additional support call

Budapest, 2. November 2015. - The assessment of applications submitted for the additional support call of the NGO Fund has finished.  The Selection Committee has made it's decision today and with this decision the remaining funds have been almost fully allocated.

Ökotárs welcomes the decision of the tax authority

Ökotárs Foundation welcomes the decision of the  National Tax and Customs Administration to close the year-long investigation in the absence of crime related to the EEA/Norwegian NGO Programme against the foundation and 17 of supported associations and foundations by it.

Statement: the Prime Minister's Office is not telling the truth

Contrary to the Prime Minister's Office's announcement, the Constitutional Court's five-member council have not decided on the 5th of October 2015 whether the investigation of the Government Control Office (GCO) regarding the EEA/Norwegian NGO Programm was legal or not. The Court examined only the availability or absence of an effective legal remedy against the process and decision of the GCO.

Hungarian NGOs in Norway

19 NGOs supported by the Hungarian NGO Fund went on a study trip to Oslo between the 6th and 10th of October. The participants were inspired by the visits at the organizations and related museums in the Donor State. Besides the common programs they have also visitied initiatives related to their own profile individually.

Norwegian Pattern Festival

Face to Face NGOs 26th-27th June Dürlin (Budapest, 14th district 19th-21st Ajtósi Dürer sor)

The drawing is created by Dániel Merényi, Grafitman. Thank you!

The festival will present about eighty organizations representing a wide range of activities. Visitors can choose whatever they are most interested in from a rich selection of talk shows, children programs, exhibitions, theatre performances, concerts, city walks, film shows and games regardless of their ages, backgrounds and the hardships or joys they experience in their everyday lives. NGOs and their profiles are just as diverse as the society we live in. It will offer a unique opportunity to ask questions, try, prepare, experience, watch, play or discuss anything that you would otherwise never have a chance to do. Besides the domestic NGOs more than 10 countries will present their initiatives on these two days.

Court Decision Welcomed

In  the ongoing courtcase related to the tax number of Carpathian Foundation Hungary (member of the EEA/Norway NGO Fund operator consortium) the Administrative and Labour Court of Eger decided to turn to the Constitutional Court of Hungary. The Court of Eger made this decision based on our motion to establish whether the tax number suspension ordered by the Governmental Control Office (GCO) and the Government Decree on GCO' operation conflicts the Basic Law.

You can be 'on the spot!' Reporters wanted! - results of the call

19th of March 2015 - out of the 15 most promising candidates the jury proposed to support the five following applicants based on their plans and the personal interviews with them: