New calls for proposals of the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund published

Budapest, 1 September 2014. – Ökotárs (Hungarian Environmental Partnership) Foundation and its partners have launched today the third (an in this period, last) call for proposals within the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund avaiable to civil society groups. The objective of the Fund is, as before, to strengthen civil society development and enhanced contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development.

Is Ökotárs Foundation really secretive? – the truth about the KEHI investigation

24 July 2014 – On Monday, the Government Control Office (KEHI) sent another request for documents to Ökotárs Foundation, now threatening in bold letters to impose sanctions (fines and/or the suspension of the organization’s tax number) in case of non-cooperation. In our earlier letters to KEHI’s chairman we have clearly stated the arguments and reasons of why KEHI’s investigation is illegal, and this view is shared by the director of the Financial Mechanism Office, the donor’s secretariat, too.


Budapest, 18 July 2014 – Evaluation and selection of the project proposals submitted to the second call of the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund in Hungary has now finished. The Selection Committees convened in the 7 thematic areas of the Fund drew up the list of projects recommended for support, which the Operator’s Approval Board agreed with. As a result, 136 NGOs’ projects will be supported with a total amount of 4.34 million Euros through the Fund. 

Statement of FMO: Status on the suspension of the EEA and Norway Grants to Hungary

Payments to Hungary under the EEA and Norway Grants were suspended on 9 May 2014 following a Hungarian breach of the agreements concerning implementation and monitoring of the Grants schemes.

Come in! - Norwegian picnic

Visit a supported NGO!

Between June 23 and 29 anyone can meet personally the operators of the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund and those organisations which received support from the Fund. Come and see all the beautiful things that make our life easier and better thanks to the support of the NGO Fund!

Government attacks the independent Hungarian civil sector with investigations

Contrary to prior notice, the Government’s Control Office (KEHI) visited Autonomia Foundation and Foundation for the Development of Democratic Rights on the morning of the 2nd of June1 instead of the Ökotárs Foundation, which is the lead partner of the consortium responsible for the operation of the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund. Similarly to Ökotárs, these foundations question the legal ground of the investigations as well., as it is still unknown what the purpose of these investigations is. The consortium agrees to undergo any legitimate audit but these can be ordered or done only by the Brussels-based secretariat, the Financial Mechanism Office, which is responsible for the management of the Funds.

Open Letter to János Lázár, Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary of State,

we have read with dismay the statement of Undersecretary of State, Nándor Csepreghy made on the 30th of April 2014 through the press where he called our foundations, as the Operator consortium of the EEA/Norwegian NGO Funds “party-dependent, cheating nobodies”. We find this tone unacceptable - specially from a senior government official - that breached the reputation of our organizations and that we have to reject in the strongest terms.

Medium and micro project proposals – first phase results announced

Selection Committees of the 7 thematic areas of the NGO Fund in Hungary convened between 9 and 17 April, 2014 to make decisions about the first phase applications (project concepts) submitted to the call that was closed on the 27th of February. Of the record number of 1731 applications received 1554 passed the formal and administrative screening and now 289 will have the opportunity to submit their detailed project plans in the second phase of the application process.

You can be ’On the spot!’ Reporters wanted! - results of the call

21st of March 2014 - out of 72 candidates the jury proposed to support the five following applicants based on their plans and the personal interviews with them:

Submission of the second call applications is closed

On February 27, 2014 the online applications system to submit first phase medium and micro project concepts in the second call of the EEA/Norway NGo Fund was closed at 6 pm as announced. Until this date 1731finalized applications were submitted of which 898 are micro and 833 medium project.