Blogger workshops for hate-free communication

On December 12 and January 9 nearly 50 bloggers and citizens learned about the main tools and major concerns of blogging at our workshop. The participants discussed a number of communication and conflict resolution issues we all face when we share facts or opinions on the net and when we want to involve others in hate-free and equal conversations.

Thanks to citizen media tools everyone can publish the facts, opinions, messages, which the mass media doesn’t broadcast properly, in detail. We are all experts of something - the life of a community,  a professional theme or at least of our own experience, opinion. By delivering our messages in blogs we can reach wider segments of the society and we can help raising awaraness about hidden facts and help different groups to know and understand each other better.

During the workshop participants could talk with editors of active blogs (ÁtlátszóA Város MindenkiéDrogriporter). Besides the interactive group exercises attendees learned about basic principles of editing and content and at the end of the day they practiced writing their own posts. We can’t wait to read the newly born blogs and posts!