Norwegian Pattern Festival

Face to Face NGOs 26th-27th June Dürlin (Budapest, 14th district 19th-21st Ajtósi Dürer sor)

The drawing is created by Dániel Merényi, Grafitman. Thank you!

The festival will present about eighty organizations representing a wide range of activities. Visitors can choose whatever they are most interested in from a rich selection of talk shows, children programs, exhibitions, theatre performances, concerts, city walks, film shows and games regardless of their ages, backgrounds and the hardships or joys they experience in their everyday lives. NGOs and their profiles are just as diverse as the society we live in. It will offer a unique opportunity to ask questions, try, prepare, experience, watch, play or discuss anything that you would otherwise never have a chance to do. Besides the domestic NGOs more than 10 countries will present their initiatives on these two days.

The programs are free, but the participating NGOs accept donations.

The programs of the festival might change.

The programs are in Hungarian language, in case of need for interpretation, please, contact the organizers in advance.

The organizer of the festival is the EEA/Norway Grants NGO Fund,

Contact: , +36(1) 237- 6020

Download the program of the festival (docx)