Let your voice be heard! Show a new perspective!

As a Hungarian saying goes, not even the mother of a mute child understands what the child is trying to say. Then how could strangers understand us if we don’t convey our message to them? Most of us receive information about minorities from the majority and through mass media, so the perspectives of those in question often remain invisible to us. This is precisely why it’s so important for as many groups as possible to have access to the right preparation and tools, so that as many people can learn about their stories, perspectives, difficulties, sources of joy and goals as possible. Members of vulnerable groups have had the chance to learn the basics of photography, film making, or radio through numerous initiatives. Among others, Roma youth, inmates and the representatives of women’s organisations have had the chance to create their own materials.

In order to prevent the distance and hatred from growing between groups that barely know one another, it’s important to point out the similarities, and to tell such human stories that can enable the most varied group of listeners to understand and empathise with the situations that their fellow citizens are faced with.

Instead of using complicated professional language and using dry texts, it is more effective to convey our messages in an entertaining way, using audio-visual tools, and taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the various channels of social media, which enable any citizen or organisation to reach thousands of people with their message in a direct way. Additionally, these tools provide an opportunity for real interaction and valuable debate. It’s useful to bring up topics that are defining in relation to a social phenomena, both in the online and offline world. And it’s also important to be open to communication without taboos, and to responding to questions and criticism as well, instead of just wanting to convey a one-sided message.

It’s increasingly difficult to get through to receivers, so it’s best to communicate our messages with colourful, innovative methods and contents that ensure that even those that handn’t known us can hear our voice and connect to us. Unusual events and campaigns are especially suited for reaching these goals.

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