Create Your Life!

Creation can be learning, work, therapy and entertainment all at the same time. Through drawing, making a photo, dancing, making music or film, writing a story, acting in a play or crafting an artefact people can, on the one hand, forget the difficulties they keep worrying about day after day, and on the other hand, they can express the feelings and thoughts that are defining for them from a new perspective. Self-expression is therapeutic  - whatever we are able to formulate through the tools of art we will be more able to realise on the level of words and actions as well. Through creative processes, learning often happens automatically and in a playful way, without the sense of any pressure. Also, creating a piece of art gives people a sense of success and empowerment. If the creative process takes place in a group, connections and cooperation may deepen as well, which facilitates the development of the social skills of participants. 

If a person or group that’s in a difficult situation can experience, through the process of creating, that they are able to express themselves, be successful, and cooperate with others – discussing numerous questions that may arise during the shared process of creating –, as a result, their self-esteem and general sense of well-being grows, and they become more likely to take steps for the improvement of their own, and their fellow citizen’s circumstances and the enforcement of their rights. Because beside formal education, creative work provides another opportunity for learning numerous important skills, and may also be a significant driving force. Creative self-expression may be an important alternative for the destruction brought about by hatred rooted in helpless frustration. 

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