Do something together for our common environment!

The protection of the environment is the shared interest of all social groups – no matter how great the tension may be between them. Applying environment-friendly methods, recycling and the conservation of our environment is a cause for all of us, which may bring otherwise isolated groups closer to one another. For example, children and pensioners may make close connections through sharing their knowledge and methods with one another, while learning new things at the same time. 

Approaching another group may be more effective if the primary, explicit goal of the meeting isn’t getting to know and accepting the other group, but the topic of the environment, which is important for both groups. Environmentally friendly technologies are often also cost-effective, and so provide accessible alternatives for people with less financial resources. Encouraging people to recycle or to use cloth diapers, beside promoting environmental perspectives and the latest trends, may also call attention to the elimination of social inequalities. 

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