With civic eyes – video contest

The online public competition of the shortlisted 12 NGO videos commences on 30 August 2016. Until 20 October, 6 p.m. anyone can choose and cast their vote on their favourite. Each of the short films present the messages, activities, results and achievements of a project supported by the EEA NGO Programme. The finalists were selected by a professional jury from among the 41 videos submitted to the open call launched earlier this spring.

The videos receiving the most votes will receive awards at the ceremony scheduled for the end of October. The winners will be supported with development services of their choice in the following value:

1st prize 600,000 HUF (1935 €)

2nd prize: 400,000 HUF (1290 €)

3rd prize: 300,000 HUF (968 €)

4th prize: 200,000 HUF (645 €)


You can watch the videos and vote here >>>

Each video has English subtitles in Youtube (which should be activated), thus can be enjoyed by non-Hungarian speakers, too.

Should you have any questions regarding the voting, please contact: illes.marton@autonomia.hu

The views expressed in the films do not necessarily reflect those of the donor countries of the EEA Grants.