Submission of the Internship applications is closed

On May 6 the online proposal system was closed at 6 pm as announced. Until this date we registered 15 finalized applications.

Program managers of the operator foundation, the or Development of Democratic Rightswere on duty until the last moment of the submission deadline, helping the applicants with any technical or other problems. The Operator foundations will decide until May 14 about the post-reception (or non reception) of applications that were not finalized until the deadline due to justifiable technical problems, given the applicant indicated it beforehand.

Pre-screening will start in the next days following the deadline, the results are expected in approx. two weeks. Every applicant excluded on formal grounds will receive notification and in ambigious cases be asked questions if needed.

The content evaluation involving external experts will start after the pre-screening process is closed, based on the criteria announced in the call for proposals and described in detail in the rules of evaluation document. The evaluation is expected to be closed in the middle of June. Interviews with the prospective interns will start at the same time, the final results are expected at the end of June/ beginning of July. We will publish the results here on the website and all applicants will be notified via e-mail.

About 15 internships can be supported given the available budget, the size of grant an application can receive, the geographical location of the target countries and the length of stay.