Macro Project 1st phase - announcement of results

On May 10, the Selection Committees of the macro project call decided which applications are qualified for the second phase. In the two thematic areas separate 3-member committees made their decision based on the evaluators' opinion.

In thematic area I. out of 95 applications 25 were qualified, while in  thematic area II. 18 passed to the second phase from the 87 applications evaluated. The list of applicants passed to the second phase of the application process can be downloaded from the end of the article.

The deadline for submitting the second phase applications is July 1,  2013  (Monday) 18.00

The sample of the final application form will be published during this week (it can be downloaded from Application documents) and it will be available in the on-line application system too, for the qualified applicants, who will be notified about this soon. Earlier registrations shall be used for login.

A consultation and preparation meeting will be held for the qualified applicants in the last week of May or beginning of June. Participation is not compulsory, but we believe it will be very helpful in the elaboration of the full proposals for the second phase. Contact persons will receive further notice about the exact date and place of the meeting.

Rejected applicants will receive individual information about the results with justification. Further appeal of the decision is not possible.