Grant decision: micro projects and internship applications


The first grant decisions within the framework of the NGO Fund have been taken on 9th June 2013. Based on the recommendation of the Selection Commitees of the 7 thematic areas, the Approval Board chose to support 105 proposals, disrtibuting a total of 859,21 € out of the 1029 applications submitted by the deadline of 29th April, as below:

Thematic area Grant amount (EUR) Number of supported proposals Proportion to all submitted
A. Human rights and democracy 65 737 € 8 db 21,6%
B. Gender and equal opportunities 57 880 € 6 db 16,7%
C. Community and organisational development 157 353 € 20 db 8,5%
D. Youth and children issues 148 612,5 € 16 db 7,9%
E. Environment and sustainable development 154 140 € 23 db 9,9%
F. Provision of welfare and basic service to vulnerable groups 120 482,5 € 14 db 8,2%
G. Empowerment of vulnerable groups, including Roma 155 004 € 18 db 15,7%


During the Selection Committee meetings held in the last two weeks of June, the voting members (3 persons) discussed the applications together with the evaluators, using their ranking as the basis. However, having an overview of the full list, the Committees had the right and opportunity to change the result of the ranking – both to reject an application which reveived higher scores and to support one with lower scores, with a reasoned justification, of course. At each Committee meeting representatives of the Donors and the Hungarian government (as National Focal Point) attended as observers.

The overall recommendation provided by the Selection Committees was discussed by the Approval Board composed of representatives of the Operator consortium, and the final decision was the result of this session (no further appeals are possible). The names of supported applicants, titles of projects and the approved amounts may be found in the table attached below.

During the next days, supported applicants will be individually notified via e-mail listing possible conditions of support and the steps necessary for contracting. Rejected applicants will also be notified including the scores they received and the justification of the decision in app. two weeks – we kindly ask for patience until then. Those requesting further information are asked to to so only after receiving their e-mail!

Besides the micro projects, decision about the applications for internships in the Donor States was also made. Out of the 15 applications 10 were evaluated (the others lacking host organisation). Their scoring and assessment was followed up by individual interviews – based ont he result of all these, eventually 7 applicants have been selected, for typically 3-4 month long internships at Norwegian and Icelandic host NGOs. The list of interns may be downloaded here, too: