You can be ’On the spot!’ Reporters wanted! - results of the call

21st of March 2014 - out of 72 candidates the jury proposed to support the five following applicants based on their plans and the personal interviews with them:

Name Destination Planned date of travel
Anna Kiss -  Nóra Németh

Norway-Oslo and other 

2014. August
Dóra Gigler - Viktória László Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein 2014. June - August

Noémi Veronika Szakonyi - Máté Vincze 

Norway and Iceland - mainly Oslo and Reykjavík 2014. July - August
Zalán Albert - Szigeti Zita Norway-Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø 2014. July - August
Anna Mészár - Bencze Mihály Bán  Norway - Oslo and Iceland - Reykjavík 2014. July - August

Applicants will be informed about the decision this week via the online application system. 
Please follow our news, the "You can be On the spot" call is expected to be announced in the second half of 2014 again!