Medium and micro project proposals – first phase results announced

Medium and micro project proposals – first phase results announced

Selection Committees of the 7 thematic areas of the NGO Fund in Hungary convened between 9 and 17 April, 2014 to make decisions about the first phase applications (project concepts) submitted to the call that was closed on the 27th of February. Of the record number of 1731 applications received 1554 passed the formal and administrative screening and now 289 will have the opportunity to submit their detailed project plans in the second phase of the application process, as follows:


Thematic area

Medium projects

Micro projects

A. Democracy and human rights



B. Gender and equal opportunities



C. Community and organizational development



D. Youth and children issues



E. Environment and sustainable development



F. Povision of welfare and basic service to vulnerable groups



G. Empowerment of vulnerable groups, including Roma



The list of applicants approved may be found int he attached tables.

In each of the 7 thematic areas all applications were scored and evaluated by at least two external, independent experts according to the criteria published in the call for proposals. Based on the ranked list, three-member Selection Committees approved the proposals to go on to the second phase; two of the members were internal, delegated by the Fund Operator and the third one an external contributor. Delegates of the donors and a representative of the Hungarian government also participated at the meetings as observers – they expressed their satisfaction with the impartial procedures and the high professional quality of the work.

The applicants approved for the second phase may start working with the on-line application form after Easter – the deadline to submit the full proposals will be the 2nd of July, 6 p.m. During the end of April, beginning of May the Fund Operator will organize workshops in several locations to help prepare for developing second phase proposals along the goals and priorities of the call. The Operator will directly invite all organizations concerned.

Applicants not approved now will be notified individually as well over the next three weeks, including their scores and justification for the rejection. At this stage there is no appeal against the decision, but everyone has the opportunity to submit another, further developed proposal for the third call for proposals planned to be announced in early autumn.