Come in! - Norwegian picnic

Visit a supported NGO!

Between June 23 and 29 anyone can meet personally the operators of the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund and those organisations which received support from the Fund. Come and see all the beautiful things that make our life easier and better thanks to the support of the NGO Fund!

What is exactly the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund?

The NGO Fund was created by Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein with the goal to strengthen the civil society.

The key prioritoes of the Fund are: human rights of minorities (including minorities on grounds of ethnic origin, religious affiliation, language use and sexual orientation), good governance and transparency, combating racism and xenophobia (including hate speech and hate crimes) combating discrimination, social exclusion, gender inequalities and gender-based violence.

Between 23 and 29 of June you can visit the following organizations:


Ágacska Foundation for Adoption and the Families (Budapest)

The goal of “Active Adopt - for undertaking adoption” is to help adoptive families (both parents and children) support one another and through personal example enhance the integration of adopting families in society. During the open day, colleagues of the foundation will share their experiences about the volunteer mentor project and the teenager peer training, supported by the NGO Fund.

where: XI. Csurgói str. 22-32., D,II. lh. II/19.
Info:, 30/285-9581 (Please register if you would like to come!)when: 2014. June 25. 12-14 

Blue Point Drug Counselling and Outpatient Centre Foundation (Budapest)

Captain Peer

​The Captain Peer (Helpers from the corner) project introduces a peer-driven intervention model supporting the needle exchange program of Blue Point. The peer based approach here means that intravenous drug users (IDUs) give informal support to other IDUs. In this project the organization worked to find and select those clients who can become peers by participating at trainings and joining the work. On one hand, they will help the Foundation achieve its objectives more effectively, on the other hand, they will gain practical experience and may acquire different skills that are useful outside the programme in other areas of their lives.  On the open day visitors can participate at the closing event of the peer program - an international conference  organized on the International Day against Drug Abuse. 

where: Müszi (1085 Budapest Blaha Lujza tér 1. (Corvin shopping center III. floor, entrance from Somogyi Béla street)
when: 2014. June 26., 18h


Real Pearl Foundation (Told) 

The warmth of home

Real pearl foundation helped improve the insulation of people’s houses in Told, an  (extremely) poor village in Eastern Hungary, Through this, families will need less heating fuel (briquettes) in the coming winter. The project therefore enables participants to make long-term savings on their winter expenses. Besides they created a carpentry workshop with infrastructure and technicians who can help more people to repair their windows and doors. On the open day the foundations’ colleagues will present the impacts and results of the project to the visitors.

Told, Petőfi út 47., the site of Real pearl
2014. June 23-29 bármelyik napján


Journalists of Eger (Eger)

Civil Tasting

Ekofa connects fresh products of local producers and customers on the Internet with the motto: Eat local! Of course it doesn’t mean to swallow local communities but to enjoy and support the consumption of locally grown produce and to find what unites us. The Journalists of Eger will make the usual pick-up day open and organize the big Cicic Tasting. Now you can both try the products of eKofa and meet the operators of the community initative. Visitors receive a cold fresh fruit-spritz (fröccs) as welcome drink!

Where: Agria Park parking level at the  moving walk (3300 Eger, Törvényház u. 4.)
Info: 06-30-4030034,,
​2014. June 27., 16.00-18.00


Green Action Association (Kazincbarcika)

Lichen mapping - civil participation in the Sajó-valley air pollution monitoring

Lichens are creatures very sensitive to some types of air pollutants. Green Action Association has worked in the impact area of the BorsodChem chemical plant together with the company. Now the association will present the results and the methodology on how they collected data about air pollution and heavy metal deposition during an open forum.

where: Egressy Béni Community Center - 3700 Kazincbarcika, Fő tér 5.
Info: 30/405-7679
when: 2014. June 25. 17 óra


Youth for Understanding - Hungary (YFU Hungary) - Budapest

Coloured Glasses -program for promoting diversity among secondary level students

YFU adapted a playful, intercultural education  method to develop tolerance and promote diversity. The method has been tested by the volunteers of the organization at 60 Hungarian secondary schools.

If you would like to try this method, visit the organization at the following date and venue. The workshop is about 45 minutes long, and 20-25 people can join it at once. We recommend it highly for high school students, teachers, youth leaders and to anyone working with young people.

where: Budapest, 1027 Frankel Leó út 6. fszt. 1.
Info: Polányi Orsolya,, 06-30-20-10-125 (registration is necessary until the 20. June)
when: 2014. June 25. 16:00


For Szúcs Village Association (Szúcs)

Open day

Szúcs  is a village 23 km far from Eger. The village has two parts, Ófalu and Bányatelep they are 2,5 km far from one other.
The project wants to inspire the citizens of Szúcs for joint actions thus connecting the two parts and soothing the tensions between roma and non-roma. During the project a community place is being created at the lake between the two parts: the Love park and the Love island. Sándorné Csóka will introduce their activities and the milestones of their project during the open day.

Szúcs, Kossuth L. u. 40., 36/485-080, 30/535-78-45)
2014. June 27. friday


Association Conscious Consumers (Budapest)

It is an old problem how you can identify reliable famers. What is the guarantee that at the market you find real local products, fruits and vegetables? And what is the quality of them? Is there any kind of quality control existing on measuring local products?  The guest of the Conscious Consumers’ next group meeting is Bálint Balázs, member of ESSRG Research group (  and an expert on these topics. Bálint will share his scientific insight about the situation.

Where: TVE office, Móricz Zsigmond körtér 3/A fsz. 3. Budapest
Info: Registration is recommended , Haraszti Anikó: 20/452 5965
When: 2014. June 26. 16:30-18:00


Green Spider Foundation and There is a Chance (Budapest)

“Save as” - The guests of the open day can discuss with the project promoters about the ways homeless people can be supported to reach lasting improvement. They also share their experiences on crowdfunding to this end.

1082 Budapest, Szentkirályi utca 22-24.
Csörgits Hunor
​2014.June.25. 10-12



Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU)

Learn from Tasz!

The communication manager, the fundraiser and a legal advisor of TASZ will talk answer the visitors question’s about their NGO Fund or in general about HCLU.

1136 Budapest Tátra utca 15/b "TASZ"
when: 2014. June 25. 17-18
Contact: Sós Katalin,



Shelter Foundation

The “City walk” presents another face of Budapest, which we see every day but don’t recognize. We see it but we don’t realize that the street is the home of homeless people, where the pavement is their floor, the objects of the public space are their furniture and the sky is the ceiling. There is no heating and real bathroom…..the daily routine means to survive, We can catch a glimpse on this world with the guidance of a real expert - the goal of this walk is to think and talk. The final destination is an institution of the organizing foundation, an architectural and historical memorial.

Where: Fővám square and it’s neighborhood
When :2014. June 25, the walk starts at 16:30 from the Fővám square, at the sculpture opposite to the market


Association of Sajóvölgy

The association was established with the goal to enhance commnunityl life in the Ózd region. Their upcoming event is a community cooking on the Hét beach, where anyone can cook meals based on home recipies from spinach, green peas, carrots, salads, beetroot, onions and black currant. The fresh raw materials are supplied by the association!

Where: Hét, lake beach
You can register by sending a recipe until 24th of June:70/610 8071