Támogatott projektek

OrganizationProject title
Green Karma Public Benefit AssociationTransition village Somogyvámos
‘Civil values’ Nonprofit Advisory and Public Service AssociationNőnek lenni-nőként tenni
Holocén Nature Conservation AssociationNational Water Strategy from an (environmental) civic point of view
Foundation For the "ORIENTEERING-PÉCS"Let's make orienteering, the "green sport", really green
Stereo Arts Public Benefit AssociationFace to face
Community Experiencies AssociationAdventure Store Democracy Workshop
Familyfreandly City Social CoorporationHello Mom!
Association of Conscious ConsumersSlavery in the Hungarian agriculture sector
Humusz Waste Prevention AllianceReThinking the World
Gyöngybagolyvédelmi AlapítványÁrvay Márton
BAGazs Public AssociationBAGázs School Community Service
Beállítások Association"Tell us!" - Dialogue for tolerance
Children, families AssociationFor the understanding and friendly society!
Zachor Foundation for Social RemembranceHistorical Memory and Authentic Historical Sites - Virtual Encounters with Survivors and Witnesses through Jewish Historical Walks in Rural Towns - An Interactive Holocaust and Active Citizenship Education Program
Commun Point AssociationAll Green matters! Edible Community Gardens in 3 cities of Békés County
Cylinder Theatre and School FoundationBérház-Színház
Fundation Ros SolisOven
MAGAR Social CooperativeMy Chestnut
Association for the Nature research and Environment Protection around the Száraz-érExploration and presentation the hidden treasures of Tótkomlós
Civil Aids ForumCivil society against stigmatization - HIV/AIDS campaign for the most vulnerable groups
Association of Hungarian DoulasVital questions
Holdam AssociationThe voice of single mothers
Change Lanes FoundationMagdolna Club: for and pro Women
Eötvös Károly FoundationPolitics in school? Teachers can help
Drug Prevention AssociationLiberty, Equality, Relationship II. – Complex program to reduce incidence of relationship violence in Pécs
Women for Lake Balaton AssociationVoluntarily for Lake Balaton - based on the experiences of 20 years
AnBlokk Association for Cultural and Social SciencesTHE MISSING CLASSMATE: Participatory theatre and research for the inclusion of Roma
Foundation for Democratic YouthDemocracy Academy
KIBIC Federation of Jewish Organizations and CommunitiesOrganization development of the Jewish organisations, network building, expansion of the visibility of these organisations and cultural life of the Jewish community
Kid's Eye Art Association„Action!” – Together behind and infront of the camera
Hungarian Rett Syndrome FoundationPatron Program Providing For Rett Syndrome Families
Five Points AssociationMozgó Pont
Specstreet TheatreCommunity leadership training trough mentoring perfoming art groups in disadvantaged, significantly Roma inhabited settlements
Zsambek-basin Tourism AssociationLüzisztráté Művészeti Projekt a katonai bázison
Avas Winerout AssosiationDispute of Avas Hill – Communities for the historical Avas
Agriart Youth, Musical and Cultural Association"Egersound"
Fine Art Cultural FoundationCommunity Radio in Miskolc
Help for Life FoundationMarch for Life 2014.
Hungarian Association of NGOs for Drug Prevention and Harm Reduction"Drogosultság" - Repesenting the Interest of the Discriminated Helpers of a Discriminated Social Group (drug users)
Hungarian Association for Persons with Intellectual DisabilityWe are women, really women
Real Pearl Foundation'To Be Able'
Association for Children of NatureSaving natural spring waters
National Association of Special TeatcherRights and care for People with Psycho-social Disabilities - Nothing about us without us!
Colour Space Association of PécsLittle and good, but grow up
Heroes of Responsible Dining FoundationEco Fun: Green Restaurant and Event Certification
Vakok és Gyengénlátók Győr-Moson-Sopron Megyei EgyesületeSelf-care, Self-service, Social Integration for Visually Impaired People
Mérföldkő EgyesületKárpáti Tamás
Promontorium Civil CasinoCommon Planning in Budafok
Association of Conscious ConsumersParticipatory guarantee system for sustainable food
Hungarian Williams Syndrome AssociationLeaving the nest” programme to support the more independent life of youth living with Williams Syndrome or other rare disease
Amaro Trajo OUR LIFE Foundation for Romani Culture"Birds are our ancestors"- with creativity for a more tolerant young generation
With the power of humanity FoundationIntegration of human rights education into public education
Homo Faber FoundationTowards self-sufficiency
Artemisszio FoundationCulinarity - we do things differently
Enviromental Foundation "Göcsej"Orcharding net
Barangolo Public Benefit OrganizationCreating/Building a Civil House in Végegyháza
Európai Roma Kulturális Alapítvány - ERCFGallery8- Roma Contemporary Art Space
Maladpye theatre nonprofit AssociationI choose freedom - The Kravchenko-case
Bükk900 "Friends of Nature" Hikers Association When Nature calls!
Meridian FoundationTell it by making short movies! - Film Workshop with young roma people
Kid's Eye Art AssociationMake a movie! – Let’s live it together!
Foundation for Civil Radio Broadcastingciviltavasz.hu (civilspring.hu) - building a civil community media platform and setting up a community journalist team
Tölösi Péter FoundationThe support of the social supplement of children with canser disease
Primus Inter Pares FoundationLGBT Mediation - Introduction of a Socially Innovative Method
Round the World! AssociationYouths, meetings, relations, learning among green NGOs
Centropa Foundation - Hungary"A zsidóság története a mi falunkban"
Foundation for the Clean FutureThrowing the dice - board game
Garden of Chances FoundationDo it yourself workhouse - where the ideas and the tools meet
Romani Press CentreWe are here!
Foundation of the Parish-Charity at KecskemétIs it our place?
Hungarian Civil Liberties UnionBest Practices in Protection of Fundamental Rights
Labrisz Lesbian AssociationAwareness raising about homosexuality - developing of an innovative school programme for sensitizing
Heritage and Society FoundationWall of Tolerance
NANE Women's Rights AssociationTogether for battered women and children – Human Rights Based Empowerment of NGOs Providing Services and Advocacy for Victims of Violence Against Women
Chance for Children Foundation (CFCF)Volunteering against exclusion
Youth For Understanding HungaryColoured Glasses -program for promiting diversity among secondary level students
Hold my Hand FoundationEmpower! - Integrated Open University
Presidium Public Benefit Association"Open the world" - Targeted activity for seriously disabled people at Presidium Public Benefit Association
Speak Out! - Association to Give Voice to the VoicelessPrisonradio to decrease recidivism
WeYouTheyAccredited Autism-Specific 3D Vocational Training of Graphics
GODOLYE Social Cooperative"The Maria Garden" a school garden in the Göllner Mária High School
production organization "Independently Together" (FÜGE)Színházi nevelési programok adatbázisa, szakportálja és közösségi oldala: szinhazineveles.hu
Reflex Environmental AssociationClear source only – Model program about drinking water protection with the involvement of the citizens
Fundation of HajlekGreen life
Golem Theatre AssociationThe Golem is coming!
Drog Stop Budapest Egyesület Assotiation"No matter ?"
NANE Women's Rights AssociationNo means no!
Prospect Hungary FoundarionFix My Street - Hungary
Interactive Education Foundation (INOKA Foundation)Interactive Workshop of INOKA
Amnesty International HungaryFighting prejudice and promoting human rights in after-shcools
TRANZIT HUNGARY NON-PROFIT ASSOCIATIONArt workers won't kiss ass: an international workshop and its follow up
K-Monitor Public Benefit AssociationEnhancing Transparency with Open Data
Association of People with Physical Disabilities BudapestCapacity building of the movement of persons with physical disability on grassroot level
Hernad Valley Association of Roma and Disadvantaged associationCollaboration of roma women in Halmaj
Kondorosi Handball ClubChoose a sport, choose a life – equality programme for ’tanyasi’ (farmer) children who live in Békés county
Association of Hungarian History TeachersTitle: Course book or Course books?
Motivation FoundationNÓRA-BASE - Labour market equality and advocacy of women who are mothers of children with disabilties
Children, families AssociationYoung women for the mothers' rights!
Tarnagyöngye Association"Community developement in the old village of Szajla (Ószajla)"
Ágacska Foundation for Adoption and FamiliesActive Adopt!– For Undertaking the Adoption
Deaf Sport Club of BudapestWith sport relics exhibition for the deaf community
Cultural and Sports Association of LispeszentadorjánAssociation for more liveable village
Association of Hungarian Sex WorkersTurn off the blue light - Campaign to tackle violence and discrimination against sex workers
Asimov FoundationFollow the taxpayer's money: transferring know-how from atlatszo.hu watchdog NGO to non-profit and non-governmental organisations, political blogs and activist networks
Uccu Roma Informal Educational FoundationUccu Pécs Branch
Másság Foundation Legal Defence Bureau for National and Ethnic MinoritiesCooperation, effectiveness, strong rights protection
For School culture- For Creating More Opportunities CorporationDifference living with us
Academy of ExperienceBE the change YOURSELF
Educators' Center AssociationPecsWork - community swathes in the city
Social Housing Reconstruction CampSocial Housing Reconstruction Camp 2014 - Kispest
Revita FoundationExperience Fund
Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary (BOF)A model to reinforce the conservation sector in Hungary: good practices from Hungary and Iceland
WWW-Literature FoundationFor me it does matter!
Hazatalálás Social CooperativeAuthentic For Me Food Network
Oltalom Sport AssociationFair Play on the filed and Fair Play in the Life
Foundation for Africa HungaryDo we know each other? - Interactive awareness-raising for more open school communities
Action and Protection FoundationMaking human rights rethorics, tolerant and pro-democratic discourses more attractive to the youngsters via facts, humor and irony
Laurus Social and Cultural AssociationCompetence development programs for Roma women
Find Your Way Home Rehabilitational FoundationData collection, research and study visit to Canada for the future establisment of Ráháb Institute (for the mentally or socially disadvantaged/abused/gipsy/undereducated women exposed to the risk of prostitution and drug abuse)
Panna Czinka Roma Cultural AssociationGypsy networking in Western Transdanubia
Ironcrow Conservation FoundationVillage in the town 2014
Association for the preservation of the Sajó valleyCommunity garden in Hét
Union of the Social Professional OrganisationsProfessional Support for Social Workers in relation to Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Cases
Ifjúsági program: Szakonyi Noémi Veronika
Van Helyed FoundationYou have a place System
Human Voice FoundationHuman Voice Foundation
Komlóstetői Bicycle Sport ClubLet's ride toghether
Blue Point Drug Counselling and Outpatient Centre Foundation What is the matter with the bio-matter?
Grove Workshop FoundationMAGIC SCEPTRE – About the Rights of the Child for Children and Adults
Pathmosz FoundationAid / help / support to socially disadvantaged expectant and young mothers in Csepel
Közösségfejlesztők EgyesületeCsabai Lucia
ArtWorkShopRehab Critical Mass II.
Hand is Hand FoundationInformation Points Network
Towards Sustainability AssociationEnforcement of environmental considerations in the use of 2014-2020 EU funds
Hungarian Environmental managemental and Rural developmental SocietyIntegration of raptors into the agricultural pest-controll
Symbiosis FoundationCreating social farms in Hungary
Partners for Democratic Change Partners Hungary FoundationLet's the case for restroom not rest
Élettér Asscocation for Community and Settlement DevelopmentA place that relieves the burden of women
Association of Multiple Sclerosis /MS/ Patients in county CsongrádRecycling Shop – creative fellowship of MS patients
"Romano Trajo" Gypsy Cultural and Public Educational OrganizationIndian / gypsy cultural cavalcade
Hungarian Federation of People with Rare and Congenital Diseases (HUFERDIS)Tolerance suits you! Against the exclusion of people living with rare diseases
Hungarian Traffic ClubCivil advocacy for local sustainable transport
NEO Hungarian Assistance Dogs AssociationAssistance dog tells the tale - socialization of children and social integration of disabled begins in kindergarten
Blue Point Drug Counselling and Outpatient Centre Foundation "Captain Peer" (Helpers from the corner)
Association of Liberal YouthPoleTalk Project - Improving democratic values and debate culture among high school students
Vakok és Gyengénlátók Csongrád Megyei Egyesülete"BLIND FRIENDLY STORES" (Introduction of a Complex Classification System)
Noerth-East Passage Cultural and Academic AssosiationLet’s go, guys!
Shelter FoundationEqual opportunities for the homeless people
Hungarian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Alliance“We are here!”: national human rights campaign for the visibility and social inclusion of LGBTQI people
Romani Press CentreThere is no cap on!
Home inside of Soul FoundationCivilek a gyermekekért - "7 lépésben a megelőzésért" program
Shero AssociationBoardgame for the educational successes of families living in deep poverty
Hungarian Association for Community DevelopmentCommunity services - commnity based operation in small settlements
Large Families Association of BalatonalmádiJUMP UP MUM! - program: Setting up Nora-points and providing equal opportunities for women on the labour market in North-Balaton
MASZK AssociationLet them play too - the improvement of cultural equal opportunities in the segregated part of Szeged
Vabababa Arts OrganizationOdds and Ends Snake
Amaro Trajo OUR LIFE Foundation for Romani CultureCreative art against racism - Fashion workshop for youngsters
Advantage Leisure Time Sport ClubIntegration of Young People with Disabilities to the Streetball Recreational Sports Events
Society of the Blind and Weak-sighted of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén region Know me to help me
Lendületben Kicsikért és Nagyokért AssociationYear of Winged Pig
Civil Works AssociationThe School of Civil Courage
"Kristály-völgy" Association for Regional and Rural DevelopmentEMESE Work - Chance - Quality of Life
Tordas Animal Assisted Therapy and Educational Non-Profit AssociationTordas Whisperer Programme: four-legged assistants open a new world
Ifjúsági program: Zurbó Dorottya
Opera Cultural AssociationDotCom Fort
Cordelia Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Torture Victims"Join us!" - Psychotraumatological training for local professionals
SZIKE Environmental & Health AssociationMy kitchen garden - Plan for the renewable soil, self-supporting settlement, and the health food in Csömör
Romani Press CentreOpre Roma! Community communication and advocacy
Hungarian Hospice FoundationEnhance self-interest assertion of cancer patients
Wheel of Future FoundationNew Home
The last line - Art FoundationOrphan dream
National Association Of Anti-Alcohol County Societes And ClubsNetwork Construction and Organization Development at the National Association of Clubs Against Alcoholism
Artopolis AssociationOn the Edge of the City
Ifjúsági program: Halász Júlia
Magosfa Foundation for Environmental Education and EcotourismTinies and Grannies
"PONT MI" Welfare OrganisationOur daily bread...
Green Connection AssociationTogether for Diósgyőr!
Hungarian Cyclists’ ClubWe ride together! - Regional green tourism development
Healthy Spirit, Healthy Living Foundation Drug consultation center in Esztergom
Drog Stop Budapest Egyesület AssotiationNeither this should be an obstacle
Social Innovation Foundation for the Development of the Eastern-European AreaPere to say, Pere to stay: volunteer program and social enterprise in Pere
Patent Association Against PatriarchyCourt monitoring and the utilization of experiences in cases related to domestic violance
Hungarian Society For Environmental EducationGreen Student self-government network – youngs for nature, nature protection and sustanable development with “green” democracy
Society for the Budaregion Nature ParkSOS Normafa
BAGazs Public AssociationExcels in class, pulls tricks on the grass!
Hungarian Civil Liberties UnionFreedom of speech, the politician mission
The Teljes Szívvel Non-profit Foundation‘Dirt sticks to the mind’
Sober Babies AssociationSchool on the border
Fleece Foundation"Norwegian pattern" on sundays for single mothers
The Eger Foundation of the Fund to Support the Poor"Settlement network in Northern Hungary"
Cinematography Art Cinema FoundationDemocracy-Practices
Clowns on the HorizonYouth Forum Theater in the village of Lak
Focus Workshop Theatre and Contemporary-Art Foundation of SzegedPassage
Hand in hand for our society, nature and futureTEXTILE MOM, with children for our children’s future
Association for the Sacredness of Pregnancy and MotherhoodCentre for Mothers at the ‘József Attila’ residential area
"Lenszirom" Theatre and Metological Cultural Public Utility AssociationThe theatre pedagogy is the existing practice of the democratization
Home-Start HungaryHand in hand
Pro Talentis Foundation„Mesterségem címere” (MC) - Pályaorientációs program a társadalmi mobilitásért
AfterNoon FoundationCommunitySpace – meeting and dating for elderly and people living with diasabilities
Dialogue AssociationThe models of community planning in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county
On Crossroads Foundation"Legszennyezes.hu" [airpollution.hu] – current and predicted air pollution and its health effect
Gipsy-Hungarian Organization of Sirok“Putren o vudar” (Open the door!)
Magyar Mozgás- és Táncterápiás EgyesületPetka Krisztina
Foundation for the Hungarian Natural and Cultural InheritanceWatermillfools
Zafír Ifjúsági és Művészeti EgyesületTogether for each other
Agria Geography Foundation of Public Utility for the Education, Research and Utilization of GeographyCivil ABC in the Eger Region
For Szúcs Village OrganizationLove Park
Hungarian Juggling AssociationSocial circus sessions, trainings and methodology
"Capital of Competence" FoundationCooperation of local actors for sustainable local development - Model of using corporate social responsibility as a tool for local socio-economic dialogue and local development
Ifjúsági program: Mészár Anna
Foundation of Bibó István College of Law and Political Sciences for the Responseible IntellectualsFoundation of Bibó István College of Law and Political Sciences for the Responseible Intellectuals
Szeder Public Benefit Association of Parents for Students in ErdőkertesImplementation and support of Szeder Public Benefit Association’s child and youth protection project
Association os Conscious ConsumersConscious Consumer Discount Card
Hungarian Green RootsScreaming for Change
Open Space Assosiation "Cross roads in Patka"
Földalatti AssociationCommunity space and Donation Shop in a Shed
Speak Out! - Association to Give Voice to the VoicelessIs this freedom yet? - First free days after release on ex-prisoners’ pictures
Transplant Foundation for Renewed LivesChildren's stories and creative/developmental therapeutic sessions facilitating the psychological healing process following orga
Káva Drama / Theatre in Education AssociationThe statue - Theatre in Education in the service of renewing the spaces and techniques of remembrance
Bread, Trade and Fair Wage"Hell Bell"
Anthropolis Anthropoligical Public Benefit AssociationTimeless slavery? Extensive education, awareness-raising about the contemporary slavery, focusing on the women’s and children’s
Real Pearl FoundationThe warmth of home
Televele Media Literacy AssociationMediapedagogy and democratic values
Mosoly Otthon Alapítvány (Smile Home Foundation)Autistic Art Program II.
Energy and Environmental FoundationStraw Network
Háttér SocietyYou are not alone! Country-wide network for the protection of the rights of LGBTQI people
eDemocracy Workshop SocietyÜVEGFALU (Glassvillage) - and widespread across the country
FriGoStop for homofobic speach
Pearl shell Association of Mental Disabilities Improved Organization - Developer Community
Hungarian Cri Du Chat Syndrome Support SocietyIt's easier with a picture - sercive helping the development of disabled children
Habitat for Humanity Hungary FoundationDecent and affordable housing for all
Association for Dance Teathre in Félegyháza Trainings to achieve women's integration and to prevent children and youth from on-line and off-line harassment and violence inside family
Green Connection AssociationGreen connection project
Para-fitt Sport ClubAdopt a class!
Queen of the GypsiesThe educational and talent nurturing program of the Queen of the Gypsies Association with the involvement of Parno Graszt
White Cross Assosiation (registered public interest NGO)Intensify competence of daycare networks
Zsenibogár AssociationZsenibogár activity
SOS Children’s Village Hungary FoundationMobile team to support children victims of sexual abuse
Open Doors Nonprofit Association for Public BenefitMüszi+
Specoal Pécs for People With Disabilities FoundationPeople First! Self-assertive programme of people living with disabilities.
Artemisszio FoundationEasily from school to work - Youth Competency Centre
Helyi Mérték AlapítványMolnár Krisztina
Crime Prevention Center is a Non-Profit Association of Somoskőújfalu"Unity – is CIVIL strength"
Active Psychology FoundationOn the way… A walk for the quality of birth/being borne
Down AssociationOrganisational support network for persons with Down-syndrome in Hungary
Patrónus Lions Club GyőrSensitizing program for seeing people about the sightless
Chance for Children Foundation (CFCF)I'm a Roma not a lifestyle!
Motivation Educational AssociationIntegRATIOn – mobilizing young people for educational integration
Hungarian Women's LobbyUnited women’s voice-equally audible?
Társaság a SzabadságjogokértVerdes Tamás
Ant-Gang Youth AssociationTreasures of Zselic
Bike Maffia Association„Gerilla Picnic”
Palantir Film Visual Anthropological FoundationFaces of Women – project development workshop for effective communication
Retextil FoundationCommunity Art-therapy
Hungarian Anti-Poverty FoundationStrong Network - Efficient Advocacy
Foundation of HidasnémetiTogether, for each other, for the community
"Cherry Blossom" Mental Health Assosiation of EgerTisztelet-Élet a virtuális világban
BirthHouse AssotiationDiversity in Maternity Care
Nem Adom Fel AlapítványKara Veronika
Empty Space Association of TheaterIntegrART, social theatre educational program
Baltazar Theatre Foundation12+ : Measure by values!
Association for South-Pannon MuseumsFolk House Reloaded
Marom Klub AssociationNépszínház street Carneval
Rainbow Mission FoundationIntersectionality within the LGBTQ community: making multiple oppression visible through participation
Aphasia – the association of people talking againRehabilitation services to people with aphasie
Tilos Cultural FoundationRather together
Veszprém County Association for the Blind and Visually ImpairedLet them fly!
Blue Point Drug Counselling and Outpatient Centre Foundation The Champions of Recovery
Hungarian Strawbuilders AssociationCivil initiative for sustainable development by promotion and dissemination of straw-construction
AndeJekh-Egyben FoundationPAPLAMENT
Association for VasasOne of the "Dirty 12": With good luck building the community!
Patent Association Against PatriarchyCourt Watch of Intimate Partner Violence Cases
Blind and Partially Sighted of Bekes County"FALSE ALARM OF BÉKÉS" - the blinds with healthy people for the equal opportunities
Hungarian Society of Writers, Critics and Literary TranslatorsWriting and Solidarity – A Dialogue of Generations
TÁMASZ Alapítvány PécsHetesi Zsófia
Flora & Fauna of North Hungary FoundationSmall Baskets will be born
Romaversitas FoundationRoma Pride Day
Francovilla AssociationCreating marketing opportunities for local producers in Baja to foster sustainable development
Messzelátó AssociationPromoting active citizenship through enhancing democracy in associations – the development of the new membership model of Messzelátó Association and it’s dissemination as good practice
Szelence Association"Sokoróalja" larder programme
Green Spider FoundationRestart - community network development for homeless people
Hungarian Association for PsychodramaIf I were they – and indeed!
Hungarian Foodbank AssociationUrban networks for rescuing food
SzínMűhely Foundation„Nora’s answer” – Action campaign against domestic violence and gender inequality
Our future is our placeOur future is here!
Krétakör FoundationAdvocacy Poster Campaign for the Homeless
Kiskunsági Madárvédelmi EgyesületVillányi Péter
Foundation for the Hungarian Natural and Cultural InheritanceWatermills in “kaláka” (build by the community)
Spiritus Youth Theatre AssociationCup-phonia
Molnár Gábor Workshop InstitutionViolence Handling of Women with Disabilities
Rainbow Mission FoundationComing Out Day Event Series
Association for the Villages of ZalaSpirit - Virtual- and community methods for small villages
Editors' Forum HungaryDeveloping the institutional background for media self-regulation and press complaints comission in Hungary
Civil Works AssociationGay Men, Straight Dictatorships: Oral History Research, Video Archive and Anthology of Interviews
Crime Prevention Center of Somoskőújfalu, Vigilante and Volunteer Firefighter Non-profit AssociationProtect and build our community together! - Neighbourhood Watch in catalyst role
Utopia Civil AssosiationDid you know? - Briefly for tolerance
Clean Air Action GroupDare to change!
Via Viridis AssociationBudapest Green Ways
Mű-Hely Líceum FoundationThe development of introblog.hu page
Hope for Children HungaryGentle words against hate – Development of a non-formal educational programme
Journalists of Eger Association"E-costermonger": improving conscious purchasing behaviour for sustainability
Tutor Foundation for Helping the sick and the poorTaboo or False (Child Prostitution Issue in Hungary)
Environmental Association of DorogÜzemkontroll: komplex nyilvánosság-programmal egy iparváros levegőjének egészségesebbé tételéért
Hungarian Autistic SocietyOrganization and community development model program for supporting the national networking of rural member organizations
Zachor Foundation for Social RemembranceVirtual encounters with survivers and vitnesses
Give me your hand assisting in the creation of equal opportunities in education and the labor market non-profit Association"Rebuilding family relationships" - methodological development
Association for Community Developer and Local Social ResearchesAnimator network of Roma youngsters
Protect the Futuere SocietyLocal Catalysts - Small Communities in Transition
Garden of Eden AssociationSustainable rural life based on renewable local row materials
Hungarian Contemporary Architecture CentreCivic City: Vacant properties in the service of communities
National Association of General Group Homes for Children-care School of Echo - Self-supporting mentor-network in children-care
Supporting Association of Social IntegrationSupport social reintegration of inmates
Accociation from NagymákfaCreate a community space in Nagymákfa
Journalists of Eger Associationmoderal.hu - campain for politically correct texts and communication
Hungarian-Roma Association in SzomolyaCivil transit defense
Seven Villages Social Co-operativeMobile community legal assistance
Regional Safeguarding FoundationJoint action against workplace sexual harassment and mobbing with the NGO-s
Foundation for the Civic Renewal of SzirákFor citizenry of Szirák
Pillar AlapítványEurope is Yours!
"GEM Cognitive Clinic" FoundationInclusive Clubs with Nyborg's Concept Teaching Method
Carbon Cicle SportclubMen for Women
Pangea Cultural and Environmental Association"Gaia’s slaves" - active environmental intervention of volunteers on the geological study path of Eperjes Hill in Olaszfalu
Foundation for Democratic YouthStudy room
Down AssociationT21 Challenge - Games Without Labels
Fraternal Association of European Roma Law Enforcement Officers (FAERLEO)Roma Police Club
Salva Vita FoundationJOB for you, DREAM for me! - The first Hungarian Job Shadow Day
Change Lanes FoundationCHANGE POINT
Perspectiva Nova AssociationOur stories are common – playback for reduction of prejudice
Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary (BOF)Eco-therapy and self-sustainance: sustainable boarding institutes
Vörösmarty Foundation"En route" - facts and myths about migration
Hungarian Civil Liberties Union„Your Vote = My Vote / 2”"
Protect the Future SocietyIfjúsági program: Dér Asia
Association of Hungarian Sex WorkersInclusion of Sex workers - Nothing about us without us!
Colorful Pearls for Southerner Roma WomenWay to the heart through flavors
Kaptárkő Association for Nature Conservation and Cultural HeritageWide spread familiarization with the problem of light pollution, and preparation of Starry Sky Park nomination package for the Bükk National Park
Zala Homecoming AssociationActive Youth in Zala
Tévelygőkért – Dunakanyar Region – Communications FoundationMirkó Project - for the children of convicts
Menedék - Hungarian Association for MigrantsWelcome Migrants!
Belvárosi Tanoda FoundationFree Women
Early Intervention Centre BudapestAdvances in interdisciplinary cooperation on the territory of early childhood intervention - Eating therapies for children with disabilities
Gouranga SocietyTo-day-tomorrow, holistically for the healing of cancer patients and to help their relatives
Ebony African Cultural, Arts and Human Rights OrganizationCoalition Against Hate Violence
Contrast WorkshopTogether for each other
Ifjúsági program: Lukács Laura Dominika
NEO Hungarian Assistance Dogs AssociationLet's talk openly about disability!
Hungarian Art and Social Therapy Association for Community BuildingAlone or together? - Socio-therapeutic self-help groups for youth with autism and their families
Give me your hand assisting in the creation of equal opportunities in education and the labor market non-profit AssociationHelping of the rebuilding of family relationships
Miner Cultural Assosiation"Where the bus number 6 stops" - Perspectives of Pereces
Romaversitas FoundationTraining on democracy and responsible citizenship among Roma youth
Visnyeszéplak Association for Local Interest and CultureLong-term sustainable agricultural and handcraft practices in Somogy county
Pétervására Youth AssociationWe are different together!
Well-Being Public Benefit Foundation for substantive harmony of individuals and coumminitiesNora-network - creation of a national gender-sensitive labour market consultancy network based on knowledge transfer
Hungarian Red Cross Committe of the Zala CountyVESTA PROGRAM – Help for Abused Women
Hawthorn AssociationAct together for Alsónána!
Association of Parents with Seriously Disabled ChildrenParents in Union - Together with the Seriously Disabled
Ifjúsági program: Kiss Anna
Fraternal Association of European Roma Law Enforcement Officers (FAERLEO)Law enforcement initiative for the development of hate incidents' treatment and prevention
Ifjúsági program: Horváth Janka
Pecs-Baranya Hospice FoundationHospice volunteer training and extension of volunteer base of Pécs-Baranya Hospice Foundation
Roma Production OfficeDeveloping civic activism and strenghtening democracy among people living in ghettos
Kiskunság Society for Protection of BirdsLake Kolon, Empire of the Water
Gordiusz AssociationDomino - not everything is black and white
Anonymous Ways FoundationI’ll stand up for you - a complex preventive and social sensitivity raising pilot program
Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute Applied Communications AssociationEnforcement of democratic values in connection with the construction of the new nuclear blocks of Paks
VACKOR Environment and Nature Protection AssociationAlong the fur's nap – From the pasture close to nature to the woolen socks
Szabolcsi Community Development and Social Entrepreneurship Stimulus CooperativeCommunity building, family self-maintenance in “diasporal farms”
Civil College FoundationLocal Power - Local Sources
Common Art AssociationStreet Channel
Hungarian Federation of People with Rare and Congenital Diseases (HUFERDIS)„Lifebelt” Information Centre for the Rare Disease Patients
Association of Large Families in MezőberényBe Our Christmas Angel!
Dialogue Platform AssociationMuslim tours
Work-shop Cultural AssociationCulture and Commerce in order to support Social Inclusion
Tavirózsa Association for Environmental Protection and Nature ConservationGreenBridge Project 2014-2015
Amarant AssociationBaraka project - Art Therapy in the Home for Migrant Youth and Children without Guidance in Fót
KONTÚR Public Benefit OrganisationOpening “Hős utca” - Reducing the Disadvantages of People Living in Segregation through Community Development
"FOGADÓ", Society of Community Develeopers in North-Abaúj Key issue: the fun-energy, we have gone ahead
Nature Friend Association in Bihar"Barcsay" magic garden
European Roma Cultural Foundation - ERCFGALLERY8: ROMA BODY POLITICS: Exhibition- and Education Program, Catalog
Green Circle – Friends of the Earth’s memberWith volunteerism for the preservation of natural values in the protected areas of the Hajdúböszörmény District
Playback Theatre of Pécs FoundationRearrange it!
Egyesek Youth AssociationNógrád Youth for the Future
WWF HungarySupporting civic participation in decision making processes in order to save our waters
Arrabona Urban Pensioner AssociationThe beginning of a new era in the life of the Pensioners’ Club
Káva Drama / Theatre in Education AssociationWindmills – drama-based social intervention and community theater in farm areas of Mindszent, Székkutas and Hódmezővásárhely
PILnet FoundationFormation of Regional Pro Bono Platforms Supporting Civil Society beyond Budapest
Hungarian Williams Syndrome AssociationLifestyle camps for independence
Drug Prevention AssociationLiberty, equality, relationship – youth health promotion program in Pécs and its outskirts
Ecoservice FoundationInsulation for Everyone!
"FREE-PRESS" Cultural and Youth Association of Public UtilityMusicbridge – Veszprém sounds
School of Public LifeTime to act - mobile exhibition about housing movements in Budapest
Hungarian Youth Hiker AssociationYouth hikers for the YOUTH HEALTH upbringing!
Independent Journalism FoundationPublicness revisited - a dialogue for a future media regulatory framework
Habitat for Humanity Hungary FoundationHouse of Children’s Dreams – in black and white
Abacus Association WorkshopGive me your hand
"SAPKA" Művészeti és Tűzzsonglőr EgyesületIfjúsági program: Gigler Dóra
Studio of Young Artists' AssociationAborturism
For School culture- For Creating More Opportunities CorporationResponsibility for my and our future
Komárom-Foot Archers Association forOur Garden Saves All
Green Spider OrganisationReal faces of homelessness. Awareness raising and community funding campaign.
Uccu Roma Informal Educational FoundationRoma identity in pictures
Studio "K" FoundationDemocracy Experience
Scout Foundation of SzentistvántelepChance for women - a civil model of the education of female integration
Transparency International HungaryTI Academy
MU TheatreRoseto-project
-With games for the gifted children
Csermely Environmental AssociationTeaching Organic Farming For Poors
Earth Day Foundation HungaryEveryday environmental protection in another way
Ecological Studio FoundationYou have the right! Assisting local communities in enforcing civil control effectively in the Westpannon region
Come Along With Us AssociatonCome with us to Hedrehely
Bike Maffia Association"Seven days"
BirthHouse AssotiationTAKE THE FIRST STEP! - Along with the women for equal access to respectful maternity care
Küklopsz Association of Art and Film“My country”
Foundation for Children from settlements in KecskemétRing (for) connection - Empowering local communities for environment
AnBlokk Association for Cultural and Social SciencesThe Missing Moment. Arts based social intervention with NGO activists and high school students and a participatory communication campaign in two towns involving local media about the "refugees crisis"
Hungarian Climate Alliance *Local communities for sustainability*
National KID Association„Future shaper” career supporting system created for disabled and health-damaged youth
Foundation for School DevelopmentStudent participation in schools
"Association for Making Bükkszentmárton Nicer""Island of Children" - Community services for children in Bükkszentmárton
Abigel Non-profit AssociationYou take the chance! - Light It Up Blue Salgótarján!
Prizma CollectiveStay or go?
Magyar Emberi Jogvédő Központ AlapítványKaló Zsuzsa
Foundation for Healing CourseProtected pathway
Waldorf Partnership Association of SzegedOur garden
Alapítványi és Magániskolák EgyesületeBak Zsófia
Community AssociationBodager Buffet and Fast Food Restaurant
HARMONIUM Independent Communications Society„Shed” – Community shop and workshop
Alternatal FoundationUndisturbed
Hungarian Juggling AssociationSocial circus program in the most disadvantaged micro-regions and in health institutions
Art Era FoundationHarm reductoin
The Romanians and the Traditions of the Future SocietyKOMATÁL (“godparents dish”)
Amnesty International HungaryHuman rights education at Ózd microregion
Traditional Association for the Youth of MosonszolnokThe Street Competition of 2015
Alternative FoundationALTALAP HIV Programme
"Let' step for their step!" Non-profit AssociationRehabCritical Mass!
Hungarian Woman Entrepreneur AssociationNora's entreprise - development of ngo's and their clients
Hungarian Jewish Social Support FoundationMORE - Roma-Jewish Youth Leadership Training
Tilos Cultural FoundationProjectivity
Ifjúsági program: Albert Zalán
FIKSZ PONT AssociationCSAVARÁZS reloaded
Komp Complex Creative Arttheraphy AssociationCommunal Creative Garden in Újlipótváros
Mosoly Otthon Alapítvány (Smile Home Foundation)Autistic Art program, exhibition and product development
Laskó-forrás Association"Local inhabitants for Aranyos" - community development in Hevesaranyos
Youth Information FoundationSocial Bike service Program
PRO CSEREHAT ASSOCIATIONHejő- Sajó regional village cluster for sustainable community farming
Lóczy Lajos AssociationDevelopment of touring centers near Balaton for - and with - people living with disability
Krétakör FoundationHuman Platform nation-wide organization development and networking
Drop in the OceanIt's our summer, we win through it!
Chances for Children AssociationTheatre for youth without prejudices
Service Dog Association of Blue StarUsing dog therapy in several educational institutions in Ózd
Home-Start Hungary, SzékesfehérvárPlayground cavalcade
Ars Omnis Cultural AssociationSzomszédok
Association of Liberal YouthEuropean Citizen’s Initiatve on Media Pluralism and Press Freedom – Signature Gathering and Organization of Related Events
"Grow up in happiness" Foundation„Less onlookers, more defenders” – Mental Media Workshop for teenagers about bullying
Nonprofit Information and Training Centre FoundationPrivate fundraising: a key to independency – Development of CSO fundraising in Hungary
Green Action AssociationCivil participation in the air pollution monitoring of Sajó valley
Greenzone Partnership Environmental AssotiationLet Me Eat It!
Union of Youth SzekszárdFuture-capable Youth
Tabulapláza FoundationVolunteers and cups for the Nyíregyháza Community Life
Hungarian-German Cultural Association of MajsCommunity building at Majs
Via Viridis AssociationJust go as the judges
Tánceánia Art Therapy Dance Company – ArtMan Movement Therapy Art AssociationCommunity Dance and the closed village disappears from the big town
Cromo FoundationCOM'IN - COMmunity INitiatives in Nógrád and Baranya county
Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County of the Blind and Partially AssociationLIFE-PATH-CHANCE - for accessible Szolnok
MU TheatreMU, the Island of Culture
Civitalis AssociationCommunity foundations in Hungary
Kék Vonal Child Crisis FoundationLet’s (hip-)hop to the sky! Carrier Orientation Support of Roma Young People with the Use of Music
Smile FoundationArt and Story-Telling Therapy for Chronically Ill Children
League of Independent Art SpacesDo it Yourself! New Frameworks for a Democratic Culture