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Project title TEXTILE MOM, with children for our children’s future
Project code NCTA-2014-10808-E
Thematic area Environment and sustainable development
Name of the organization Hand in hand for our society, nature and future
Postal address 6723 Szeged, Olajos utca 10/A II.em 8.
Phone +36308930219
E-mail janomanocska@gmail.com
Webpage http://tettjovonkert.hu
Project manager Janó Éva
Project timeframe April 1st, 2015 - April 24th, 2016
Amount of support 9,984 €

The project primarily sought to respond to environmental, health and family-financing problems connected to the massive use of disposable diapers, and focused on the promotion of (modern) washable diapers and ecological detergents. Executed activities included mainly information dissemination and awareness raising elements: in addition to the city-wide dissemination of information leaflets and posters throughout Szeged, 13 workshops were held in the association’s own baby-mammy club in Szeged, operated jointly with MASZK Association. Further 12 presentations and demonstrations were provided on request in Szeged and surrounding settlements, and the organizers set up their information stands 9 times at different local fairs and festivals. Four major events were also held in this queue, one of which was the Real Nappy Week of Szeged in 2016. All in all, thousands of people and families were reached, and a smaller community of supporters were also built.

For capacity building purposes a 16-event-long training course on crochet, a pre-birth training of 7 occasions, and a five-occasion-long knitting training course were also provided, and in addition, three more workshops were organized on cleaning and cosmetics production. All these provided opportunity for dozens of mothers to gain related skills and technical know-how.

One of the main achievements of the project is nappy rent service that provides families both the opportunity to try and gain experiences in relation to reusable nappies and the ability to use them in case with lower incomes they could not do so. A co-operation with the Midwife Network was also initiated, that made it possible enabled to directly promote both the initiative and the benefits of the modern washable diapers for university students and more than fifty midwifes directly.

The project was also awarded: thanks to it the association won the Ozone Green Award in 2015.


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