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Project title Protect and build our community together! - Neighbourhood Watch in catalyst role
Project code NCTA-2014-10818-C
Thematic area Community and organizational development
Name of the organization Crime Prevention Center of Somoskőújfalu, Vigilante and Volunteer Firefighter Non-profit Association
Postal address 3121 Somoskőújfalu, Puskin utca 1.
Phone 06 30 9702 225
E-mail egyedrezso@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.bkke.5mp.eu
Project manager Egyed Rezső
Project timeframe May 1st, 2015 - December 31st, 2015
Amount of support 13,450 €

Local crime prevention activities in the district are important, but the professional know-how, the social acceptance, the cooperation among the organizations and common actions are missing. The aim was to improve the ’Neighbours for Each Other Movement’ on the district level, to share best practices and establish a District Civil Crime Prevention Centre and Training Base as a model, where the training of crime prevention NGOs and the ’NEOM’ activists cam take place, and thereby the cooperation of the local community, and strengthening of the broader civil sector can come true. The target groups are the members of the civil crime prevention organizations and the whole population. Activities of the project included a District Neighbourhood Watch Day, a conference, team-building and trainings, marketing actions. Based on the mobilizing effect of the local resources, the civic organizations involved in the project will be able to implement the aims on higher level, the cooperation become closer, the common thinking and action will start.


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