Támogatott projektek

Project title Difference living with us
Project code NCTA-2014-10825-D
Thematic area Youth and children issues
Name of the organization For School culture- For Creating More Opportunities Corporation
Postal address 9022 Győr, Batthyány tér 15.
Phone +36-30/2873-509
E-mail iskolaesely@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.iskola-esely.hu
Project manager Dr. Szakácsné Foki Katalin
Project timeframe March 1st, 2015 - February 28th, 2016
Amount of support 35,305 €

The main objective of the project was to measure the knowledge of youth who live in or around Győr about human rights, tolerance and countering hate speech. The project aimed to lower prejudices, to promote the encounter of cultures and strengthen the tolerance among youth in order to ensure a more open local society and to generate discussion between different minorities and local youth.
An 8-occasion research workshop was set up in which methodology of the research was elaborated and finalized with the help of different professionals (e.g. law consultant). The elaborated questionnaires was answered by 500 children and youth between the ages of 13 and 22, living in and around Győr and the results were summarized in a short study. Another workshop for youth was set up in which frames students made 55 visual artworks, 290 reports with disabled people. An exhibition was realized (placed in the local university) an also an animation short film was edited from the artworks. Youth were help during the creative process by professionals, mainly teachers. A jury was set up to assess these works and the best works were awarded by the project promoter.
A 5-day-long camp was organized in order to make youth aware of human rights, diversity and hate speech. Later 27 youth from the camp and 26 newcomer volunteers (mostly pedagogy students) prepared class thematic and learned about relevant awareness rising games. On the occasion of International Human Rights Day 39 students held “Tolerance Day classes” in 25 classes (both primary and secondary schools), in 10 settlements with the participation of 12-32 pupils. As an effect, pupils are more interested in the topic, the sensitizing games contributed to their consciousness about social responsibility.


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