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Project title Historical Memory and Authentic Historical Sites - Virtual Encounters with Survivors and Witnesses through Jewish Historical Walks in Rural Towns - An Interactive Holocaust and Active Citizenship Education Program
Project code NCTA-2015-10973-D
Thematic area Youth and children issues
Name of the organization Zachor Foundation for Social Remembrance
Postal address 1137 Budapest, Szent István krt. 20. I.1.
Phone 06 1 3203190
E-mail zachor2007@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.zachor.hu
Project manager Szőnyi Andrea
Project timeframe March 1st, 2015 - April 30th, 2016
Amount of support 54,766 €

Educational documents about the history of Jewish are hardly available for the students. Thus the main objective of the project was to create localized educational programs that help youth to get to know their hometowns’ cultural values and history.
4 educators and 79 pupils were involved from 4 towns: Békéscsaba, Pécs, Szeged and Aszód. After the selection of educators, a Kick-off training was organized where the method and the experiences of the previous Budapest-based project were introduced. Educators started the local history research with the help of the involved pupils and also the research in the USC Soá Archive. The “Additional Grant” made it possible to involve another town which was Miskolc and to elaborate a 6-occasion organizational development process.
Pupils were active in all part of elaborating the walks e.g. choosing the directions and traverse them. Altogether 47 video interviews were selected to the interactive walks, 15 practice walks and 28 actual walks with visitors were realized. Before launching the walks for visitors, participating pupils – who became leaders of the local walks – visited the Budapest one so they really had an example from their peer group and these events helped them to become more committed to the theme.
The project helped youngsters to develop their critical thinking and they become more open towards minorities. Educators were inspired by the innovative teaching method that fits to the national curriculum’s requirements.


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