Támogatott projektek

Project title Title: Course book or Course books?
Project code NCTA-2015-10987-A
Thematic area Democracy and human rights
Name of the organization Association of Hungarian History Teachers
Postal address 1088 Budapest, 1088 Budapest, Múzeum u. 7.
Phone 3613186002
E-mail ml@tte.hu
Webpage http://www.tte.hu
Project manager Miklósi László
Project timeframe March 1st, 2015 - April 30th, 2016
Amount of support 12,836 €

The goals of the project are to review school books, advocacy, joint action and methodology support, in order to prevent a one-sided approach to history teaching, share international practices, as well as analyze of the most problematic parts of school books. Activities are partial school book analyses, review by experienced teachers, involving related teaching professions, students and parents. As a result resources and alternative tools will be available on the internet and social media. Target groups are students in 5th to 12th grade, history and literature teachers, parents and the public. Partners are the Association of Teachers of Hungarian Language and Literature, and the Nat. Association of Form Heads.


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