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Project title Hejő- Sajó regional village cluster for sustainable community farming
Project code NCTA-2015-11009-E
Thematic area Environment and sustainable development
Name of the organization PRO CSEREHAT ASSOCIATION
Postal address 1122 BUDAPEST, 1122. BUDAPEST MAROS UTCA 23. MGFSZ1.
Phone 00363047664578
E-mail info@bffd.hu, katy2810@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.bffd.hu
Project manager Réthy Katalin
Project timeframe March 1st, 2015 - April 30th, 2016
Amount of support 43,061 €

The project addressed complex problems of small villages including unemployment, poverty, passivity, defenseless, vulnerability, dependence. The lack of knowledge and motivation for self-care, the lack of cooperation between residents, and the lack of programs for the effective integration of Roma and non-Roma population. Lack of sustainable, environmentally conscious development projects and the absence of both regional cooperation between settlements and micro-regional development plans. Although one 14-month-long project cannot solve all these problems, it could still contribute to it by combining a larger, well-grounded and planned strategic process.

The promoter started its community-based, organic agriculture and non-formal adult education program, called "Pro Lecsó", In 2013. In the project this municipal level program was further developed and transformed into a settlement network. As a result of the implementation, new gardens were established in Sajókeresztúr (1568sqm), Szirmabesenyő (871sqm), Kistokaj (1056sqm) and Sajósenye (715sqm) (in this cases, approximately 9.5 tonnes of vegetables were harvested in 2015 with nearly 2 million HUF real economic value) while Sajóecseg, Sajóvámos, Sajóbábony took part as beginners. The 8th affected settlement (with the fifth garden) was Hejőkeresztúr (7108sqm), where Pro Lecsó garden started in 2014, and which provided peer experience for the new PL gardeners. With the members of the network planning was carried out, and Pro Lecsó's own participatory quality assurance system was developed and implemented. The organizers and gardeners involved in the process were continuously trained and mentored, and the population of the settlements was reached and involved with 3 large-scale micro-region community events.

For a broader sharing of experience, a methodological summary was made and more than 10 other municipalities included in a planning day. As a result of all these, the foundations of Pro Lecsó's Hejő-Sajó network have been laid down, but the planning required for extending the program has also been carried out.


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