Támogatott projektek

Project code NCTA-2015-11155-I
Thematic area Youth Field Trips
Name of the organization Protect the Future Society
Postal address 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla ut 14
Phone 061279-15-95
Webpage http://vedegylet.hu/
Project manager Dér Asia és Haragonics Sára
Project timeframe August 20th, 2015 - October 22nd, 2015
Amount of support 6,000 €

The team spent a month in Iceland and Norway, than they travelled to Liechtenstein, too for a few days. They focused on social integration especially of youth, thus they visited a youth club called Hitt Husid, Icelandic Red Cross, Viss (which is a company helping disabled people to get jobs). They have visited several community programs (e.g. a festival for deaf where sign language interpreters were ensured), and interviewed different people (e.g. a priest, two Hungarian master chef, Óttarr Proppé – who is a rock star and also a politician etc.). The team visited Sólheimar, a small eco-village where the integrated society works successfully for decades. In Norway the team made their first interview with ICORN – International Cities of Refuge Network that offers shelter to writers and artists at risk, but they visited a workshop, too which continuously offers community programs for everyone thus people with different cultural background can get closer trough arts and handicrafts. In Liechtenstein the team was focusing on the TanDem program, and prepared several interviews according to that. The team is working on dissemination: they have presented their experience on ParenTed (http://www.hidegkut-waldorf.hu/hirek/iskolai-hirek/685-parented-no-7-beh...), in Radio Tilos (https://tilos.hu/episode/spanyol-inkvizicio/2015/11/05) and they also took part in the event organized in Trafó (http://trafo.hu/hu-HU/on_the_north_spot) and they are planning to share their experience in countryside schools, too.

Their blog is available: https://www.facebook.com/nordikbalkan/ and http://nordikbalkan.blog.hu/
Photos: https://instagram.com/nordik_balkan/
Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtfbEEF3IkPu5hstf70riJA


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