Támogatott projektek

Project title moderal.hu - campain for politically correct texts and communication
Project code NCTA-2015-11207-X
Thematic area Action projects
Name of the organization Journalists of Eger Association
Postal address 3300 Eger, Egészségház út 27.
Phone +36 (30) 2790005
E-mail weil@agria.hu
Webpage http://www.egriszin.hu
Project manager Weil Zoltán
Project timeframe May 4th, 2015 - December 4th, 2015
Amount of support 4,829 €

Mainstream press has recently been including a lot of intolerant, racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic utterances (and these continue all the time) hence positive models, examples are needed. The aim of the project was to strengthen and to support anti-hate-speech behaviours and inclusive attitude. Expected results were that anti-hate-speech and receptive word processing would be communicated by generating disputes. Beneficiaries were media students, bloggers, post writers, he creators of proofread texts, and also the attacked, insulted victims of society (knowledge transfer). The project promoter expected to reach minimum 5000 people on www.moderal.hu and on Facebook sites, and hoped for further progress in creating a more tolerant dialogue. The purpose was to turn negative statements into positive i.e. how could/ should be these correctly expressed. For 6 months, they monitored and politically corrected comments on leading news portals with recognized journalists. They summarized the results at a the final conference.


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