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Project title Culinarity - we do things differently
Project code NCTA-2015-11559-X
Thematic area Action projects
Name of the organization Artemisszio Foundation
Postal address 1085 Budapest, Budapest, Pál utca 6.
Phone +36 70 321 3078; +36 1 413 6517
E-mail hanna.mikes@artemisszio.hu
Webpage http://www.artemisszio.hu/
Project manager Mikes Hanna
Project timeframe July 13th, 2015 - November 13th, 2015
Amount of support 4,999 €

Migration, particularly irregular migration, is a preconceived and conflict-ridden conception in Hungary; the familiarity with migrant cultures is one-sided and incomplete. To avoid the herewith popular opinion-forming on the basis of preconceptions, Artemisszió Foundation chose a way of approach and embedded the topic in a culinary context. For the duration of one week, restaurants expanded their daily offer with a dish inspired by the cuisine of the 4 selected nations: Eritrea, Syria, Afghanistan, and/or Somalia. Ten restaurants served these foods alongside eye-catching info-graphics and creative materials with personal stories about the nations on them.
The target group was the audience of the restaurants: a group rarely or one-sidedly countering the subject. Reducing prejudices; stimulating more sophisticated opinions and actions; emphasizing the values of other cultures; reducing the impression of being different; and strengthening cross-sectoral relationships were the impacts.


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