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Project title Responsibility for my and our future
Project code NCTA-2013-1274-D
Thematic area Youth and children issues
Name of the organization For School culture- For Creating More Opportunities Corporation
Postal address 9022 Győr, Batthyány tér 15.
Phone +36-30/2873-509
E-mail iskolaesely@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.iskola-esely.hu
Project manager Dr. Szakácsné Foki Katalin
Project timeframe August 1st, 2013 - February 28th, 2014
Amount of support 8,748 €

The programme will be realized in Töltéstava. The project will work out,prepare the social activity, the project preparing, the honorary post of 85 students from Töltéstava and Győrság, at the age of 10-14, attending Fiáth JánosPrimary School. 19 teachers will prepare to pique the students’ interest in lifestyle, voluntary activities in the training called It’s up to us.In the Successful Future project learners in year 8 will master the ability of self-knowledge, situational awareness. They will experience the working out process of own aims, carrier guidance, the directions of self-development.In an exercise book titled My world they will write down their experiences, activity plans. In the I’m responsible camping programme 28 student representatives will access to knowledge and abilities with the contribution of university students in the following topics: children’s rights, opining, the successful forms of consensus building. The school’s whole community will practise the work for others in the Student-Voluntary-Project. On the Student Patrolling learners will appreciate the circumstances of their school and village. They will be able to help the better work of their environment with their ideas. On the Village-Student Forum they will have the opportunity to talk about their opinions to help the adults’ improving work. The school will build into its ‘life’ the Future PlanningProgrammes, Methods, the Forum with the cooperation of the two villages’ leaders.


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