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Project title Mediapedagogy and democratic values
Project code NCTA-2013-2014-D
Thematic area Youth and children issues
Name of the organization Televele Media Literacy Association
Postal address 1122 Budapest Goldmark Károly utca 28/b
Phone +36209613953
E-mail nagy.krisztina@televele.hu
Webpage http://www.televele.hu
Project manager dr. Nagy Krisztina
Project timeframe August 15th, 2013 - June 15th, 2014
Amount of support 8,873 €

The project intends to support, and distribute media literacy, and educate democratic values in the early life. This approach of education has is been missing so far in Hungary. To promote, and motivate using the free educational (media literacy and democracy) packet MOPED, made by Televele Association. The target groups of the project are: children between 5-12 years old, their teachers, and their parents. The project is focusing on the age-group, which has been left out of the media education so far in Hungary. As part of this activity it is necessary to train the teachers, and kindergarten teachers, and to form their and the parent’s attitude.
In the project media literacy activity for kids, teacher trainings, propagation of the media literacy education of democracy and creation of a media education network for teachers will be realized. During the project the MOPED educational packet in kindergartens and schools in three different towns will be introduced. Related to the education teachers and kindergarten teachers will participate on trainings and on supervisions.
To promote Moped packet and media literacy road-shows will be realized in 7 towns. As part of the project a special network will be created for teachers who are involved in the media and democracy education. The goal is to give opportunity to meaningful communication between teachers and their local media literacy team.


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