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Project title Social circus program in the most disadvantaged micro-regions and in health institutions
Project code NCTA-2013-2481-F
Thematic area Provision of welfare and basic service to vulnerable groups
Name of the organization Hungarian Juggling Association
Postal address 1113 Budapest, Karolina út 38/a
Phone +36205565762; +36302211506
E-mail gallyas.veronika@gmail.com, info@zsonglor.hu
Webpage http://www.zsonglor.hu
Project manager Gallyas Veronika
Project timeframe September 1st, 2013 - August 31st, 2014
Amount of support 9,993 €

Our project is aimed at two socially disadvantaged groups, one of them are roma students of the Ambedkar School, and the other are children at the Heim Pál Children's Hospital’s Psychiatry. Our goal is to help young people getting more confident and self-reliant using the benefits of juggling.
Our program covers one school year. In addition, we offer participation at the Hungarian Juggling Convention organized during the summer. We are planning monthly juggling workshops at the school in Sajókaza. During the first semester the workshops are held by our instructors and in the spring we try to teach students the leading of the workshop and their community. Their sport teachers are involved in the process, so they can help in maintaining the workshop after the project. At the Whitsun weekend after working and playing together for three intense days, the children are making a small presentation for the local public using their newly gained skills.
At Heim Pál Hospital the workshops will be held weekly, and the presentation of the children will be at the carnival celebrations. One of our instructors, who works at the spot accompanies and coordinates the entire process, helps kids and teachers alike in solving the problems.
We hope to improve the body consciousness, dexterity, confidence, concentration and social skills of the children and plant the love of moving and juggling into their hearts during this year.


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