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Project title We are different together!
Project code NCTA-2013-2613-D
Thematic area Youth and children issues
Name of the organization Pétervására Youth Association
Postal address 3250 Pétervására, Béke u. 6.
Phone +36 20/2641751
E-mail bardos.kata@freemail.hu
Project manager Bárdos Katalin Diána
Project timeframe September 1st, 2013 - September 1st, 2014
Amount of support 7,675 €

Our goal is, in collaboration with the members of the Pétervására Youth Association, to organise programs for the residents of the local foster home. These programs would enhance the personal relationships, would help resolve conflicts. The programs are also excellent for spending fee time, enquiring new knowledge and community experiences. The target group (members of PETIFE, the inhabitants and educators of the 4 foster home apartments) will be involved in every phase of the organisation and implementation of the programs. Through all these activities, we aim to decrease prejudices for the young people living in the apartments, and help them to become active members of the society. Activities: volunteer training, creating patronising pairs, accomplishing monthly workshops in 4 themes, organising joint sport day, making short films about the life of young people of the apartment homes and the progress of the program, organising final conference and conducting ongoing media activity.
The institutions will be able to invent and organise similar programs, hopefully with the help of new partners. For PETIFE the program is a new professional challenge, while also strengthening the cooperation between young people with different social and family background. The cooperation can lead to the involvement of new members, especially through the work of the patronising pairs. The skills learnt at the trainings and workshops can professionally strengthen the association.


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