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Project title Key issue: the fun-energy, we have gone ahead
Project code NCTA-2013-2934-C
Thematic area Community and organizational development
Name of the organization "FOGADÓ", Society of Community Develeopers in North-Abaúj
Postal address 3895 GÖNC, 3895 GÖNC, PETŐFI U. 31
Phone 70/9383852
E-mail boros.laszlo54@citromail.hu
Webpage http://www.feszakkor.hu
Project manager Boros László
Project timeframe August 1st, 2013 - August 31st, 2014
Amount of support 9,367 €

15.1.Key issue: MIND-POWER that is to say WE STEP FORWARD
15.2.Generating public actions based on community planning in order to result in positive changing of the way of living. Activating the community- and station-developmental work of FÉSZAK-KÖR Association to call in, and make committed more people to this important goal.
15.3.Members of the FÉSZAK-KÖR Association(40 prs), persons concerned in the vocational teamwork in a direct way (50 prs), innovative people being concerned during the programme, live in North-Abaúj region (20 prs about). Mediate concerned: families, circles of friends (100 prs), the opinion-shapers of the North-Abaúj region, pedagogues, vicars, mayors, social welfares (50 prs about), and people becoming aware of the results of the project in a direct way (film, publications, demonstrations)
15.4.Making vocational teams, (project, media)/choosing subjects along the local directives and the needs based on the ecological sustainable development/Study and field trips, experimental learning and exchanging experiences/Open workshops- public works– ecological picnics/Making brochures and methodological film
15.5. Results: Finding the spectacular,exciting new methods based on the concrete local public needs and adaptable to the every day lifestyle, calling in people to participate in the public work, renew and broaden the energetic vocational team, which delivers the experiences in practice with the opinion-shapers and decision-makers of the local strategy


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