Támogatott projektek

Project title Together, for each other, for the community
Project code NCTA-2013-3120-C
Thematic area Community and organizational development
Name of the organization Foundation of Hidasnémeti
Postal address 3876 Hidasnémeti, 3876 Hidasnémeti, Fő tér 8
Phone 0646552212
E-mail tunde.ureczky@gmail.com
Project manager Ureczky Klára Tünde
Project timeframe September 1st, 2013 - October 31st, 2014
Amount of support 7,071 €

Our aim is to renew the methods and the partnership of the volunteer community developing circle of the Foundation of Hidasnémeti, in order that it would be able to work more effectively in discovering the shortages together with the local people so the local identity should increase and the openness toward each other become stronger, the local inner resources should be noticed in helping certain aims and local people should participate as an active civilian in the life of the community, the village and the countryBesides the 8 members of the community developing circle the direct target audience is 510 people who are members of 8 different formal and informal communities. The indirect target audience is the total 1154 people of the villageStudio work, experimental trips and courses give the main line of our activity. Besides that we chose the following activities:Generations meetingFamily day,Health day,The colours and the taste of autumn,Community Advent – to address and involve local people more effectively and in a greater number and to deepen cooperation
We believe that the inhabitants of the village Hidasnémeti may participate in a more sparkling and colourful community lifeThey can find the opportunities via that they can consummate their identity Normal approaching community looking for positive handholds would form where the building from the individual based on the community cooperation and problem solving is obvious in each field of life A Better village community


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