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Project title Court Watch of Intimate Partner Violence Cases
Project code NCTA-2013-3234-B
Thematic area Gender and equal opportunities
Name of the organization Patent Association Against Patriarchy
Postal address 1024 Budapest, Forint u. 10.
Phone +36 70 3535330
E-mail sajto@patent.org.hu
Webpage http://www.patent.org.hu
Project manager Stummer Vera
Project timeframe September 30th, 2013 - October 31st, 2014
Amount of support 9,973 €

In 2012-2013 several new laws have been created in Hungary with the aim of penalising intimate partner violence within the framework of penal and civil law. There is very limited data available about how courts handle cases that involve relationship violence. Analysing the impact of these new laws is an important task, as is shaping the general opinion and change the general attitude that blames the victim.
The objective of the project is to enable women victims to better exercise their rights, to make court cases more open to the public and encourage public debates in the context of which court cases and decisions can be criticised.
The specific goals are: systematic data collection about court cases involving relationship violence, encouraging victims of intimate partner violence and lawyers to scrutinise the work of state institutions and forging partnerships with courts.
The project is expected to have direct impact on the courts which are monitored and to raise awareness of intimate partner violence cases among judges. Court watch will function as a form of feedback to the courts, it will orient victims of intimate partner violence and strengthen their position if they have to be involved in similar court cases and it will reveal good and bad court practices.
Target groups are women victims of violence, lawyers, law students, judges, court employees.
The project aims to strengthen democratic values and the values attached to the rule of law, to raise public awareness of these values, and to promote equal opportunities. The project aims to become sustainable through applying for further funding and through ongoing collaboration with authorities and civil society organisations.

During the first four months of the project the applicant elaborated a guide on effective court watch methodologies and recruited volunteers. A training has been held for more then 50 volunteers. Patent Association officially initiated cooperation with the Court, but the application has been rejected, so they get informed about domestic violence trials through informal ways. Volunteers started the monitoring in February, 2014.


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