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Project title Year of Winged Pig
Project code NCTA-2013-3280-C
Thematic area Community and organizational development
Name of the organization Lendületben Kicsikért és Nagyokért Association
Postal address 7923 Patapoklosi, 7923 Patapoklosi Rákóczi u. 50. Nem releváns
Phone 06309084355; 06209968079
E-mail szilvia.karolyi@freemail.hu
Webpage http://Nem rendelkezünk vele
Project manager Károlyiné Vári Szilvia
Project timeframe September 1st, 2013 - November 15th, 2014
Amount of support 6,849 €

14.1.Long term objectives:
1. Resolving social and ethnic tensions in the settlement, community development
2. Extension of active community participation,
3. Transfer of knowledge to enable the inhabitants to solve their own problems and shape their own lives.
Short term, direct objectives:
1. Participation of inhabitants of the two parts of Patapoklosi in the programme, Hungarian and Roma families, those belonging to different social, economic groups.
3. Fostering dialogue between inhabitants of the settlement and within separated groups
4. All inhabitants attend the performance of the puppet theatre.
5. NGOs get involved in the work of the handicraft workshop and generate joint projects.
7. The methodological knowledge of the participants of the handicraft workshop will widen, they will be able to manage handicraft- and playhouses for children, to transfer their knowledge.
14.2. Target groups: Members of the Association, 20 inhabitants of Patapoklosi, NGOs, the whole settlement.
14.3. Main activities: 1. Involvement, 2. Professional handicraft workshop, 3. Performance of the handicraft workshop, 4. Exhibition of works of the workshop, 5. Summer Camp – Bóbita Puppet Theatre, 6. Handicraft collection – Publication
7. Toy collection and lending.
14.4. The results of the project enable the generation of further programmes, continuing vocational implementation and undertaking new tasks through the cooperation of organizations.


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