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Project title Helping of the rebuilding of family relationships
Project code NCTA-2013-3822-G
Thematic area Empowerment of vulnerable groups, including Roma
Name of the organization Give me your hand assisting in the creation of equal opportunities in education and the labor market non-profit Association
Postal address 4401 Nyíregyháza, 4401 Nyíregyháza, Pf. 280
Phone 06304337171
E-mail kokaagnes@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.addakezedkhe.com
Project manager Kóka Ágnes
Project timeframe August 10th, 2013 - February 9th, 2014
Amount of support 8,349 €

Helping of the rebuilding of family relationships
Our association’s principle to support our target group with programs, which based on real situations and needs. A previous survey had made by our association, as a result, we can get an objective view of the current situation and needs of the families. The program aims to establish and / or strengthen the communication between the prisoners and their families (especially children). Additionally, our objective the formulation and speak of the pressing problems of children and families. Our program help to reduce the distress of children and family members, and help establish an objective view of family members in connection with the detention condition. One of the professional activities related to the women who live in prison, and the other relates to family members and their immediate environment. We think it is important to the conduct of Tale Therapy Sessions, and the operation of family mentoring. Thus, mother can take part in development activities, and we can ensure site assistance for their families. In addition, we plan organization of joint programs and training together with fellow sufferer, where family members can feel, that their problem is not unique, and they get hope in connection with their life.
As a result of our program, the possibility of restoring family relations after release appear, as well as our most important objective, the reducing of recidivism.


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