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Project title Molnár Krisztina
Project code NCTA-2013-4125-Ö
Thematic area Internships
E-mail mkriszta@gmail.com
Project manager Molnár Krisztina
Project timeframe September 4th, 2013 - December 23rd, 2013
Amount of support 10,000 €

Amount of support: 10 000 EUR
Sending organization: Local Measure Foundation (http://www.helyimertek.hu)
Host organization: The HUB Bergen (http://bergen.the-hub.net/)

The main purpose of this internship program was to investigate the needs of social enterprise startups, and analyze the development models of social enterprise startups - incubation and coworking offices. During the 4 months spent in The HUB Bergen, the intern aimed to answer the following questions based on participative observation, interviews, analyzing other research studies: What are the main factors of building a real community within entrepreneurs working in common space? What makes the coworking spaces to be a real community giving real support to each other? She also got acquaintance with the business model of coworking office (what makes it sustainable and affordable for the startups at the same time) and with the main motivations and needs of social enterprise startups especially according to the workplace, business skills and social network.


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