Támogatott projektek

Project title Community foundations in Hungary
Project code NCTA-2013-4159-M2
Thematic area Community and organizational development
Name of the organization Civitalis Association
Postal address 1158 Budapest, Ady E. u. 47.
Phone +36 1 419 2319
E-mail scsaurszki.tamas@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.civitalis.eoldal.hu
Project manager Scsaurszki Tamás
Project timeframe October 1st, 2013 - October 1st, 2015
Amount of support 98,000 €

1. The project has three closely interrelated goals: a) to enable Civitalis Association to support the continued development of the community foundation (CF) movement in Hungary, b) to build the capacity of 15 NGOs so that they can initiate a CF in their communities, c) to provide organisational development support to the two operating CFs.
2. The main elements are the establishment of the National Support Group to support the Association’s work with CFs with advice, to study the different national support schemes available in the region, and develop the most adequate support scheme for Hungary.
3. One of our target groups is NGOs that work in communities with more than 75,000 inhabitants, have a high level of social capital and would like to contribute to the long-term development of their communities by setting up a CF. The other is the two operating CFs: Életminőségért Alapítvány in Eger and the Ferencváros Community Foundation in Budapest.
4. Most important project activities include designing and starting the National Support Group, selecting the 15 most suitable NGOs and implementing a tailor-made capacity building program for them and the two operating CFs, and integrating the Hungarian CF movement into the international movement.
5. By the end of the project the Association will have a elaborated strategy and adequate organisational capacity to support the development of CFs and there will be 4 additional CFs in the country.


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