Támogatott projektek

Project title Best Practices in Protection of Fundamental Rights
Project code NCTA-2013-4171-M1
Thematic area Human rights and democracy
Name of the organization Hungarian Civil Liberties Union
Postal address 1136 Budapest, Tátra u. 15/b. 1.em. 1.
Phone +361-209-0046
E-mail ksos@tasz.hu
Webpage http://www.tasz.hu
Project manager Sós Katalin
Project timeframe September 2nd, 2013 - September 2nd, 2015
Amount of support 107,130 €

The project aims to transfer HCLU’s 20 year experience in legal aid, advocacy, communication and organizational experience to12 chosen NGOs for whom the relevant legal approaches will prove useful in their work and in their field of activity, particularly in strategic litigation and advocacy working order to enforce human and civil rights. In the recent political atmosphere, the restructuring of HCLU and strengthening some of its programs (Political Freedoms, Roma Program) is necessary. In order to strengthen and make HCLU sustainable, the development and implementation of organizational and fundraising strategy is planned. HCLU plans to hold training programs and launches a joint online platform with the selected organizations. HCLU is dedicated to passing its knowledge in human rights and civil liberties, strategic litigation strategies and communication tools, which the NGOs will later utilize themselves or even pass along to other NGOs.


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