Támogatott projektek

Project title COM'IN - COMmunity INitiatives in Nógrád and Baranya county
Project code NCTA-2013-4172-M2
Thematic area Community and organizational development
Name of the organization Cromo Foundation
Postal address 1119 Budapest, Fehérvári út 83.
Phone 06 1 210 6047
E-mail tornoczi.zsofia@cromo.hu
Webpage http://www.cromo.hu
Project manager Tornóczi Zsófia
Project timeframe September 5th, 2013 - September 5th, 2015
Amount of support 109,650 €

1. Goal of the program is to strengthen the role of Roma advocacy groups by applying capacity building in delivering solutions for local issues as well as organizational development so to contribute to sustainability of participating organizations and communities and decreasing level of prejudices in local communities.
2. Participating communities and organizations represent different development levels working in different fields, but all are involved in Roma issues, working in social, cultural, rural development areas and wish to influence the local agenda, for which they need both organizational and methodical skills and knowledge development.
3. Cromo will provide training services, case study follow-up, media and communication training programs for participants in Nograd county; facilitation at advanced level for the Baranya participants, since they have already been involved in basic training in 2009-2010. Cromo will also initiate and operate the ComIn Portal by gathering and sharing methods of Community Initiatives as well as we will support participants to implement 5 community actions in Nograd county by involving Baranya participants as well.
4. As result of the program we expect developed organizations to use effective and various methodologies in community development as well as plans and practical ideas of organizational sustainability. We expect new project ideas and cooperation via the Portal and also enlargement of our current facilitators’ network.


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