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Project title Together for battered women and children – Human Rights Based Empowerment of NGOs Providing Services and Advocacy for Victims of Violence Against Women
Project code NCTA-2013-4178-M1
Thematic area Gender and equal opportunities
Name of the organization NANE Women's Rights Association
Postal address 1447 Budapest, Pf. 502.
Phone +3613372865
E-mail tothgy@nane.hu
Webpage http://www.nane.hu
Project manager Tóth Györgyi
Project timeframe September 1st, 2013 - March 1st, 2016
Amount of support 118,281 €

The project of NANE Women's Rights Association, _Joint Effort for Victims of Domestic Violence – Human Rights Based Empowerment of NGOs Dealing with Violence Against Women_, aims at empowering victim-support and advocacy NGOs so that they will be able to provide better services and successfully represent advocacy goals in a human rights based approach. Taking into account the knowledge and development needs and capacities of the target NGOs as well as the strategic development of applicant, the project will carry out these goals through
1. Accrediting currently 1.missing training courses and obtaining adult education authorization;
2. Improving volunteers' knowledge; website development; improving sustainability and organizational cooperation.
3. Facilitating cooperation between youth, social and advocacy NGOs, and NGOs catering to and/or representing disadvantaged social groups and victims of VAW. Regional diversity and access to a wide target-group are of primary importance.
4. Providing prevention-oriented and accredited training, mentoring, supervision, organizational development and professional material, and facilitating target-group based „Power to Change” self-help groups.
NGOs involved will be able to run and initiate similar activities and improve their capacities independently. Publications, accreditations, and new networks will result in more efficient assistance to victims of VAW and enhanced advocacy of the human rights of victims of gender based violence.

It is more dangerous to be a battered woman in Hungary, than in most other European countries. Meanwhile the legislative process shows a lack of political will, reflecting on the hostile political environment in relation to women's human rights. Some recent international and national developments are likely to result in more victims coming forward and seeking services, and for a need for coordinated advocacy for legislation. The project objectives are effective intervention and prevention regarding violence against women with capacity building related to know-how on supporting victimes and on advocating for human rights-based approach in legislation. Methods: training, mentoring, supervision provided to NGOs, creation and dissemination of publications. Beneficiaries: women affected by violence and their children. Target groups: NGOs providing services to battered women and their children, women's rights advocacy NGOs, NGOs working with young people, Roma women's NGOs.


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