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Project title Awareness raising about homosexuality - developing of an innovative school programme for sensitizing
Project code NCTA-2013-4194-M1
Thematic area Human rights and democracy
Name of the organization Labrisz Lesbian Association
Postal address 1395 Budapest, 1395 Budapest, Pf. 408.
Phone 36 30 295 5415
E-mail kiscsocso@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.labrisz.hu
Project manager Csonka Éva
Project timeframe October 1st, 2013 - January 1st, 2016
Amount of support 62,436 €

The current Hungarian environment doesn’t support any programs enhancing tolerance towards LGBT people however this and stopping violence against minorities are development priorities of the EU. The project aims to encourage LGBT communities, build their capacity and further develop the organization´s school-training program. They also plan to exchange experiences with other minority groups and CSOs and to advertise volunteer activities. Thus their advocacy capacity will grow, volunteer recruitment will become more effective and stronger cooperation between minorities will develop. Also the visibility of LGBT people and their self-recognition will increase.

1. Goals:
To strengthen the LGBT community in and outside the capital.
Exchanging experiences with other civil organizations.
Positive influence of the public opinion about LGBT people, encouraging people to do more against hate speech and social exclusion.

2.Improvement of the the Awareness Raising about Homosexuality Program (ARHP). Improvement of relations with other organizations increasing the number of volunteers. Creating further project ideas, strengthening influence and increasing networks.

3. Target group: LGBT groups (10 groups) mostly outside the capital wanting to do against homophobia. Important aspect is their openness towards art and education.

4. Activities:
Improvement of ARHP educational material.
Training ARH volunteers. Training LGBT groups, teachers introducing ARHP and preparing its admittance into schools.
Information exchange among civil organizations and improving the sensitivity toward other minorities.
Meetings generating new common projects.
Art workshops thematizing voluntary activities. “Me the volunteer” metro campaign and peripatetic exhibition.

5.Expected result: Visualization of LGBT issues in public areas, in education, in culture. More colorful civil sector.
Improving voluntary activities.


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