Támogatott projektek

Project title Ifjúsági program: Mészár Anna
Project code NCTA-2013-4841-I
Thematic area Youth Field Trips
Project timeframe August 6th, 2014 - August 21st, 2014
Amount of support 6,000 €

 Bencze Bán and Anna Mészár aimed  to explore and introduce projects, which can be easily adopted in Hungary focusing on the way of thinking (how to treat your “otherness”, “difference”, and how to accept that), establishing and strengthening trust among the members of the society in Norway and Iceland. They created video shots about different stories: 1. Svein André Hofsø -Down-syndrom actor, interviewing the director of the film in which he performed. 2. Az EPPLESLANG- a company producing applejuice by employing disabled people and children. 3. The study of Lars Laird Eriksen “How do people in Norway come to feel that they are Norwegian “ is the basis of the subject in schools - Religion, Life-views and Ethics” 4. Pride Festival - Iceland 5. Introducing a Hungarian migrant in Iceland by his/her employer.



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