Támogatott projektek

Project title Stop for homofobic speach
Project code NCTA-2014-8017-X
Thematic area Action projects
Name of the organization FriGo
Postal address 1074 Budapest, Csengery utca 5. fsz7.
Phone +36706316352
E-mail frigo.office@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.frigobudapest.eu/
Project manager Kissné B. Alexa
Project timeframe March 8th, 2014 - February 8th, 2015
Amount of support 4,454 €

Homophobic, rasist and anti-semitic views remain unanswered in the Hungarian public speech. FriGo aimet to tackle this problem and they decided to give fast, constructiv reactions on succh speech for a certain period. They also wanted to raise atetntion on the diversity of Hungarian society and that diverisity often means similarity as well. The proejct organizors reacted through online comments, through social media, posters and through the press on hate speech.


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