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Project title Give me your hand
Project code NCTA-2014-8081-G
Thematic area Empowerment of vulnerable groups, including Roma
Name of the organization Abacus Association Workshop
Postal address 4033 Debrecen, Nánási Sándor Vályi Nagy Tibor utca 22
Phone +36302487698
E-mail abakusz.gyk@chello.hu
Webpage https://hu-hu.facebook.com/Add-A-Kezed-Ncta-Abakusz-M%C5%B1hely-Egyes%C3%BClet-627080134096416/
Project manager Nánási Sándor
Project timeframe August 1st, 2014 - April 30th, 2016
Amount of support 24,854 €

Middle-class children, children who are raised outside of families and disadvantaged children rarely have occasions to personally meet and cooperate. At the same time, self-assessment, dealing with conflicts and finding our own place in society are key issues to every social groups. The goal of the initiative of the theatre workshop in Debrecen is to develop different children together through drama activities, to improve their self-assessment, their cooperation skills and provide opportunities for success. 90 children with different backgrounds take part in the series of workshop for more than a year and a half in the project. Besides the drama pedagogy activities, theatre training and the creation of new shows, there will be joint excursions and other events in order for the youth to create a real, active community.


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