Támogatott projektek

Project title Joint action against workplace sexual harassment and mobbing with the NGO-s
Project code NCTA-2014-8158-B
Thematic area Gender and equal opportunities
Name of the organization Regional Safeguarding Foundation
Postal address 4400 Nyíregyháza, Szabolcs utca 10.
Phone 70-4330279; 42-413-040
E-mail elsolepesnyh@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.revalap.hu
Project manager Szegedi Sándor
Project timeframe October 15th, 2014 - December 14th, 2015
Amount of support 69,491 €

The project aims to degrading treatment in the workplace sexual harassment, degrading treatment of women and workplace mobbing reduction in Hungary. The target groups are victims of violence (mainly women), employers, and the problem, interested NGOs, national and two regions of the country. The project activities on the one hand provide immediate assistance to victims of violence, on the other hand, employers and the public shaping directed training and communication campaign, as well as by civil society, professionals are prepared for prevention, intervention and case management. The project is realized cooperationing RÉV Alapítvány (Nyíregyháza), HÍD Egyesület (Miskolc) and other NGOs. The project is a result of reduced workplace bullying and mobbing of events, an increase in the rejection, employers and civil society organizations are well prepared to address the problem,and prevention of the problems.


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