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Project title ÜVEGFALU (Glassvillage) - and widespread across the country
Project code NCTA-2014-8163-A
Thematic area Democracy and human rights
Name of the organization eDemocracy Workshop Society
Postal address 2000 Szentendre, Málna u. 22.
Phone +36 30 857 7122
E-mail llaszlo.janos1@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.edemokracia.hu
Project manager László János
Project timeframe September 1st, 2014 - August 31st, 2015
Amount of support 19,949 €

ÜVEGFALU (Glassvillage) is an innovative project with the objective to make Hungarian local governments transparent and gradually extend complete financial transparency to every single municipality in the country. In order to reach such ambitious goals, we have initiated a pilot project in the town called Pazmand - a model that can later be applied to all municipalities in Hungary. For the citizens of Pazmand, we have created a website where one can access virtually all information required by the law and by public interest. Our online surface can be used by any other town or city. In addition to the pilot project, our experts have held trainings, forums and conferences for members of the civil society. On top of that, we have conducted a research on the websites of Hungarian municipalities and found that only 17 percent of the legally binding public information is shared in their websites. Lastly, we have founded the so-called One Hundred Percent Club of Municipalities that invites local governments to upload 100 per cent of mandatory public informations.

Progress of the project:
•Analyzing the implementation of municipal transparency in Pazmand
•Local forum about municipal transparency in Pazmand with the participation of the local government and NGOs
•Forum about municipal transparency in Budapest with the participation of experts on the topic, as well as with professional associations
•Expert opinions and suggestions (in a written form) about the implementation of municipal transparency
•Writing a summary of the studies
•Study about municipal transparency in an international context, cooperation with a Norwegian partner institution
•Creating a website called Uvegfalu.hu
•Creating the system design for the ÜVEGFALU-portal
•Creating the ÜVEGFALU-portal
•Presenting the portal in Pazmand (forum event)
•Press conference in Budapest
•Study about the websites of Hungarian municipalities (n=317) based on 297 indicators (analysis of more than 94 000 data units)
•Establishing a system of indicators in order to classify the websites of municipalities
•Foundation of the One Hundred Percent Club of Municipalities
•Creating a sample decree and the internal procedural proposal for the implementation of the ÜVEGFALU model
•Holding preparatory trainings of transparency in five different cities for local NGOs
•Creating promotional videos
•Creating audiovisual curriculum
•Writing a concluding study
•Concluding conference


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