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Project title Free Women
Project code NCTA-2014-8168-B
Thematic area Gender and equal opportunities
Name of the organization Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation
Postal address 1056 Budapest, Belvárosi Tanoda Alapítványi Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola Irányi utca 19-23.
Phone +3612663378
E-mail kathy@voxomat.com,editsun@hotmail.com
Webpage http://www.btabp.hu
Project manager Thury Katalin
Project timeframe November 1st, 2014 - June 30th, 2015
Amount of support 69,592 €

The project's professionals have been seeing an increasing number of not-assisted women who have suffered from violence in the family, from sexual or any other type of aggression, on- or offline molestation, or who are in danger of becoming prostitutes. The main goal is to create a complex service model which provides effective assistance to young women between 16-30, to strengthen these women in order to make them become balanced adults and active people in the society. The project provides mentoring, social and legal support, and helping groups for women. At-risk young people will be involved in educational and approach-forming programs as well. mentors will improve their professional knowledge in personal experience training. The publicity of the project will be provided by actions, professional workshop and online presence. Professional and social communication aims at spreading the information: Solving this problem is our mutual aim!


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