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Project title Do it Yourself! New Frameworks for a Democratic Culture
Project code NCTA-2014-8193-A
Thematic area Democracy and human rights
Name of the organization League of Independent Art Spaces
Postal address 1122 Budapest, 1122 Budapest, Hajnóczy u.13.
Phone Bencsik Barnabás, elnök: 0036302745963; Erőss Nikolett, szakmai koordinátor: 0036302686845
E-mail nikolett.eross@gmail.com, bbencsik@gmail.com
Webpage http://-
Project manager Erőss Nikolett, Bencsik Barnabás
Project timeframe September 1st, 2014 - August 31st, 2015
Amount of support 64,706 €

Social and cultural spaces are shrinking, becoming overly controlled by the state, budget cuts, neglected professionalism, inactive civil cultural scene. The objective is to provide cultural and social agents with space and visibility, to raise issues marginalized by the government, a new network through collaboration, to foster self-governance, cultural and social understanding, and dialogue btw for- /non-profit sectors and with the international scene. To this end the supported foundation organizes a series of cultural events with more than 100 participants at local and foreign locations. The project will achieve capacity building of the contemporary art scene, extending networks and collaborations, learning from good practices, new financial structures, improving the visibility of the scene, thematizing social issues and loosen state-dependency. The project will addresse these challenges through: fosters collaborations, alternative economy, opens up space for capacity sharing, activates self-help and improves the diversification of the cultural and social scene. These will benefit from the project: artists, cultural workers, the civil sector, supporters and the wider public. It will be exchanging of good practices with partnership with Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen.


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