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Project title My Chestnut
Project code NCTA-2014-8298-G
Thematic area Empowerment of vulnerable groups, including Roma
Name of the organization MAGAR Social Cooperative
Postal address 7626 Pécs, Sándor u. 1.
Phone 0620/2626446
E-mail magarpecs@gmail.com
Webpage http://-
Project manager Arató Vilja
Project timeframe November 15th, 2014 - November 15th, 2015
Amount of support 19,540 €

Unemployment is high in an outskirt of Pécs, there are only few community initiatives that could improve the self-assessment, cooperation skills or income generation potential of the inhabitants. The project organises agricultural training for 8 residents living in the disadvantaged area. The participants can immediately use the knowledge gained, since they will clean up two abandoned agricultural areas and start farming. Besides saving chestnut trees, which gave the name of this part of the town, other plants will be planted, as well as community activities organised, such as “Pécsbánya is covered with flowers” and the „Chestnut Festival”. These events will not only develop the local community, they will also sensitize and inform the larger society towards values and opportunities of the disadvantaged part of the town. Certain parts of the project will be planned and realized by the work groups of involved residents, which will benefit the community’s cooperation through the experience of shared work and success. The sale of the plants that are produced on the land will provide income for the locals on the long-term.


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