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Project title Nógrád Youth for the Future
Project code NCTA-2014-8319-D
Thematic area Youth and children issues
Name of the organization Egyesek Youth Association
Postal address 1137 Budapest, Radnóti M. u. 14/B. I./5.
Phone +3613210495
E-mail mahner.tamas@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.egyesek.hu
Project manager Mahner Tamás
Project timeframe August 1st, 2014 - April 30th, 2016
Amount of support 69,982 €

The number of youth is permanently decreasing in Nógrád County. 30-50% graduates in secondary schools, only 15% of them get diploma and the rest of them are unemployed, inactive and depend on their families. 10% of the inhabitants are Roma who live mostly in villages. The educational system does not consider the needs of the age group and uses ineffective methods. The objective of the project was to adopt new methods that would be flexible according to the learning styles, interests and specialties of individuals and groups.
The project promoter launched the program with 19 information days, they contacted to several civic organizations in Nógrád County via email, phone and they also personally met with local key figures e.g. a mayor and the leader of the Civic Information Center for Nógrád County. The organizations paid attention to develop itself thus members and colleagues took part in several trainings and conferences in order to develop their coaching skills. The project team made a questionnaire so the situation and needs of applicants were examined. Later on –considering the experiences of the project promoter – 4 online short films were published in themes of visual documentation and dissemination of project, international volunteering, fundraising and situation and resource analyzation with a recorder: https://goo.gl/I8ziYr
Parallelly, a 10-day-long in residential training was organized in Alsótold where 13 youth participated. The training reflected to the previously measured needs of participants thus there were five key aspects: conscious learning, exploring personal patterns, cooperation and roles in groups, creative tools and outdoor training.
80 occasions were completed in the jobshadowing activity by 28 youth. After that the coaches mentored youth during the implementation of their own initiations – altogether 14. The group coaching events helped the youth in sharing experience, motivating each other and learnt how to collaborate.
60 participants representing 20 civic organizations participated in the closing conference where the project results were summarized.


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