Támogatott projektek

Project code NCTA-2014-8376-D
Thematic area Youth and children issues
Name of the organization Home inside of Soul Foundation
Postal address 1047 Budapest, 1047 Budapest, Báthory utca 9.
Phone +36 20 525 5827
E-mail a.szasz@lelekbenotthon.hu
Webpage http://www.lelekbenotthon.hu
Project manager Szász Áron
Project timeframe August 1st, 2014 - April 30th, 2016
Amount of support 73,678 €

Only professionals have enough information and knowledge on realizing sexual abuse against children. The signs from children are not clear that is why parents and pedagogies often do not realize and cannot initiate prevention procedures. Abuses generate extended harms in children that is why it is important to take actions in time. The object of the project was to set up a civic warning system in 6 towns in order to establish an effective defense system.
The need assessment questionnaire was filled out by 1560 people that showed the huge interest in the topic. The project had 5 collaborating organizations in different parts of the country. Beside personal meetings the project promoter gave information about the project with the help of local media and press, prepared a website, a Facebook page and a Youtube channel. The project promoter realized a continuous e-DM campaign however schools seemed to be refusal, parents were more active and tried to involve the institution.
Each collaborative organization delegated colleagues to the “Train the trainers” event which was realized in Budapest by the Icelandic Blátt Áfram organization. The Icelandic partner also ensured the usage of the program materials (exercise books, DVD, pictures and brochures) that were translated into Hungarian. Trainers visited 52 schools in order to inform professionals about the project and the training possibility, and then held 40 training events with the participation of 6-12 people per occasion, altogether 365 people in 16 settlements.
The evaluation of the project was realized with the help of before and after attitude examining questionnaires.
Representatives of the organizations took part in a study trip to Reykjavík where they visit local organizations and institutions concerned in preventing or handling children abuses. One of the representatives were really committed and she has been working on this topic for several years, so with all the experience and a help of another grant the first ‘Barnahús’ institution was opened in Hungary after the project.


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