Támogatott projektek

Project title Exploration and presentation the hidden treasures of Tótkomlós
Project code NCTA-2014-8410-E
Thematic area Environment and sustainable development
Name of the organization Association for the Nature research and Environment Protection around the Száraz-ér
Postal address 5940 Tótkomlós, Hársfa u. 21/3.
Phone +36-30-981-9942
E-mail mosolykomlos@gmail.com
Webpage http://-
Project manager Balogh Gábor
Project timeframe August 1st, 2014 - July 31st, 2015
Amount of support 2,057 €

Smaller settlements can't afford to care about local natural treasures. In Tótkomlós the supported association is working to protect and conservethe local nature for several years. They collect data about plants, birds and mammals and they found several rare and important species around the town which are not protected. It's their goal to achieve local protection in order to preserve them for the future. They also construct a full information system (with information boards and nature trail) about these treasures and they plan to make trips, open bird ringing and special lessons for the local school's children. It's important to show the local people how rich the natural environment they have, and how important it is to care about it. The organizors also hope that during the project they can help the local council, the schools, and the local people, and involve new young members in the work of the organization as well.


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